Loot Hunters v1.54 (Mod Apk)

loot-hunters Loot Hunters v1.54 (Mod Apk) Apps

 Loot Hunters v1.54 (Mod Apk) Select your personality, every with other position within the team. Warrior protects others, Mage break enemies and Priest heals wounded heroes (extra categories coming quickly!). Accumulate the most productive equipment in your hero beginning with the typical and unusual items of kit to the mythical ones. Additionally organize your spellbook. You will have to properly make a selection which spells to make use of within the fight. Mighty spells may well be devastating however price numerous mana. Additionally every spell has its personal high quality and particular position on your deck.

While you get robust sufficient you’ll be able to attempt to discover a birthday party for the dungeon! Get ready your spellbook deck and remember that you will have to satisfy your position within the birthday party! In case you are Warrior protect your squishy fellow heroes. In case you are Priest heal your birthday party. In case you are Mage annihilate your foes as speedy as conceivable! The deeper the birthday party make it into the dungeon the easier loot for all of you!

Discover random encounters to seek for higher loot! Every day is exclusive. Whenever you play new day there are randomly generated encounters with random loot looking forward to you. Defeat enemies, open chests and improve your hero and spells on your spellbook.

✔ Easy to be informed and speedy to development!
✔ Realtime Co-op! Challenge dungeons with your pals!
✔ Organize your Spellbook and gather mythical spells!
✔ Open chests to recover loot!
✔ Forge new apparatus and improve it!
✔ Develop into the most productive Hunter and get the most productive loot!

Obtain now without cost and get on board for brand spanking new thrilling enjoy on this Co-op RPG

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loot-hunters_2 Loot Hunters v1.54 (Mod Apk) Apps
loot-hunters_3 Loot Hunters v1.54 (Mod Apk) Apps
loot-hunters_4 Loot Hunters v1.54 (Mod Apk) Apps
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1. Endless Gem
2. Endless Coin
3. Endless All Sources
4. Anti-ban (You’ll login banned account in this mod)​


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Loot Hunters v1.54 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK