The 3 best games of virtual reality on Android

What is setting trends in the world of the gamers are the games of virtual reality, and thanks to its remarkable diffusion and development, users who have devices with the Android operating system can also choose to explore the magnificent third dimension.

For this reason we have brought for you the three best games VR are sure you won’t want to stop trying.


To make the most of the games that we will mention below, it is imperative that your phone is compatible with VR, and that you also have at your disposal a virtual reality goggles; these goggles are equipped with sensors which make the user feel as if he were inside the scene.

Based on this clarification, now if we can move on to the description of each one.

1. Pioneers of the twilight

Maybe your name will make you think of the saga of Stephenie Meyer, but do not keep any type of relationship.

In this case, the game Twilight Pioneers is in a world full of fantasy and monsters in which you must solve puzzles and puzzles in order to free your guide Longshar and find the server of the Dark Lord, the chief has the power to control everything.

During the game you will learn to use various types of weapons and skills that will help you achieve your goal.

It is an adventure that has the best graphics. Therefore, for this particular game it is necessary to have an Android version greater than 7.0.


It should be noted that due to its content, is intended for people over the age of 16 years.

Twilight Pioneers (Free, Google Play) →

2. Wonderglade

Wonderglade is a unique game that is based on a classic theme park, full of attractions of all sorts that they can participate in even the smallest of the house.

It is a game that guarantees laughter and fun, both for the player and for the one who observes it.

Once you start you will have the opportunity to participate in six mini-games and earn tickets and then redeem them in Wonder Wheel.

Some of the activities of the mini-games are: smash with a hammer the creations of a chef, playing basketball in outer space in the company of some cuddly hamsters, make the work of a firefighter and to extinguish the fire which spread through the city, among others.


We recommend that if tides with ease, or you suffer from vertigo avoid playing it, since the movements may cause discomfort.

Wonderglade (Free+, Google Play) →

3. AltspaceVR

Finally, we will discuss an application that goes beyond a game; we refer to the first social network constituted in virtual reality.

It is an original way to meet people, you’ll only need to create your avatar and begin to interact with the rest of the users.

In addition, the platform allows you to participate in various games and attend events in free live.


It is expected that young people who choose to use this social network are over the age of 12 years and have always with the supervision of a responsible adult.

AltspaceVR—The Social VR App (Free, Google Play) →

After reviewing these 3 popular games, do you feel like to install them? Leave us your recommended games in the comments.

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