MacBook Air (2018) Teardown Reveals That It Is Somewhat Easy To Repair

Image credit – iFixit

Due to laptops constantly being transported here and there, it is bound to encounter some knocks and drops every now and then which can affect its durability over time. Not to mention laptops have less efficient cooling systems than desktops, which means that over time the heat in a laptop can also lead to damaged components.

Of course laptops can be repaired, but the question is how complicated are these repairs, and if they are, are they expensive? Thankfully for those looking to get Apple’s 2018 MacBook Air ^(, the folks at iFixit have done a teardown of the laptop ^( in which they found that it is easier to repair when compared to other MacBooks, such as the MacBook Pro and the 12-inch MacBook.

According to their teardown, iFixit found that a lot of the components in the laptop are modular and easy to access. However they note that the pentalobe screws means that opening it yourself might be tricky if you don’t have the correct tools. They also point out how the battery is difficult to remove due to the use of screws and adhesives, but as previously noted ^(, the batteries are no longer glued to the top enclosure of the laptop. This means that changing the batteries will no longer require users to change the top enclosure which should help keep costs down.

iFixit also deducted some points for the non-upgradeable storage and RAM which is a pity, but then again it is Apple so it’s not entirely surprising.

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