Male or Female Pattern Baldness|Successful Treatment

What is Female Pattern Baldness?

Androgenetic Alopecia or Female pattern Baldness is a common Health problem that cause women hair fall.It’s same to male pattern baldness, except that women can lose their hair in many different pattern than men.

Hair loss in Female is normal, especially as relevant age period. Above two thirds of women experience hair loss after climacteric. Less than half of women will make it past age 65 with a complete head of hair.

How look Female Pattern Baldness ?


Doctors divide female pattern baldness into three types

1.Type I is a small amount of thinning that starts around your part.
2.Second Type involves widening of the part, and increased thinning around it.
3.Third Types of thinning throughout, with a see-through area at the top of your overcharge

Causes of Female Pattern baldness 

If you have any other symptoms, such as an random period, severe blemishes, or an increase unwanted hair, confer your doctor. You may be experiencing a different type of hair loss.

Female pattern baldness is generally caused by an latent endocrine condition or a hormone hide tumor.

Treatment of Female Pattern Baldness

Early diagnosis is determined, as it can enable you to get on a treatment plan and probably minimize future hair loss. Your treatment plan will likely reside of one or more medications approved to treat hair loss.

Following Treatment are given and suggested from Doctors

Finasteride and dutasteride

Finasteride and dutasteride (Avodart) are FDA-approved to treat hair loss in men. They’re not approved for women, but some doctors do advisethem for female pattern baldness.
Minoxidil  is the only drug approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat female pattern baldness. It’s available in 2% or 5% formulas. If possible, opt for the 5% formula.
Spironolactone (Aldactone) is a diuretic, which means it destroy excess fluid from the body. It also band androgen production, and it may help regrow hair in women.

Many other Treatment also advised in the future of world and its now possible to focus and manage Hair fall loss in men and women with the earlier of time

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