Meet the indie dev daring to release a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive in 2019

Meet the indie dev daring to release a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive in 2019 screenshot

It’s been slim pickings for Nintendo 3DS owners over the past year. While Nintendo has remained steadfast in its support of the handheld through 2019, other developers have already flown the coop. Indie devs, in particular, have seen the 3DS dry up as a revenue source, moving their projects over the much more bountiful Switch. It’s why that Nintendo system sees more than 20 games released every week while the 3DS is lucky to get one a month.

Not every developer has abandoned it though. Brian Provinciano is still shooting to release Shakedown: Hawaii on the handheld and just this last week, a new title started making the rounds on Twitter. Sungrand, a mobile development team of four from Australia looking to pivot into handheld and console gaming, is hard at work on Silver Falls: 3 Down Stars, an atmospheric horror game set to launch this year on the Nintendo 3DS. As if the prospect of releasing a game for a system many people want to be killed off isn’t daunting enough, 3 Down Stars is actually a New Nintendo 3DS/New Nintendo 2DS exclusive. The idea of a core title like this coming so late in the 3DS lifecycle intrigued me, so I got in touch with Jerrel Dulay of Sungrand, lead developer on the project, to find out everything I could about the upcoming game.

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