Best Applications to be Youtuber with Success

The Youtubers are in fashion. Today, practically anyone with a camera and a computer you can upload a video to YouTube and become viral in a matter of minutes. For this reason, are increasingly those who dare to take the leap and dedicate himself to this world in order to live only with the income generated in the videos.

Now, to be successful in the long term, it is important that we are able to make original videos and of a certain quality, as otherwise the audience will get tired and will no longer follow us. Luckily, we have a great number of resources and tools for mobile and computer that will allow us to make videos worthy of a professional audio-visual.

So, if you want to know the applications and programs that use the Youtubers, don’t miss this interesting post.

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The 10 best apps for Youtubers

We know that they are the new Beatles, the stars of the moment, but… what about the tools to use the Youtubers? What app for Youtubers are the most effective? How do they work? Where do you start? All this and much more below. I read on!

VidIQ, a Chrome extension very useful if you’re just starting out

While we are not faced with an app for Youtubers as such, it is worthwhile to make mention of this Chrome extension, you can add the browser of Google. Among its features we find the following:

  • Organize and manage your channels on YT.
  • Optimization of your channel through data and information.
  • Analysis and statistics of our videos.
  • Extra information and analysis of the channels of the competition.
  • It is an extension certified by YT in a formal manner.
  • It helps to create brand and customer loyalty.

vidiq en español

Videolicious, which is ESSENTIAL

A YouTuber you need to upload videos to succeed, that is obvious. But, despite the fact that some do form home and have success, it is not the most common. To edit a video it helps a lot to consolidate your base of fans, who are becoming more demanding.

What if you have no idea? Then nothing happens, because for that there are apps like Videolicious, which will make it easier. You’ll be able to create videos semi-professional with four finger touches. In just a few seconds, you’ll have a video more than decent to your fans.

Many journalists and advertisers use it in their day-to-day, for it is great. ¡Check it out!

videolicious app

Canva, give a professional touch to your YouTube channel

Canva is one of the applications to be Youtuber that should not be missing in your arsenal. It is a software that is used as a editor thumbnails of Youtube videos and to customize the cover photo of your channel.

Its operation is very simple. That is, does not need to be an expert in graphic design or advanced knowledge of computing, but from a variety of customizable templates , you can create your own posters and thumbnails. Some of your options are:

  • 500 sources of different text, from the most modern to the most vintage.
  • Load images from the device or from the own library of the program.
  • Image Editor with tools for adjustment of brightness, filters and various effects.

But this is not everything, but with Canva, you can also create cards, invitations, collages, or posters to promote your YouTube videos on social networks. To do this, all designs can be shared directly, or be saved in the device to upload later.

One of the great attractions of Canva is that their free version has up to more than 60,000 templates and an extensive collection of images to add on the posters. Although if you want to unlock more options, its paid version costs 12,95$ per month. You can download the app for iOS and Android or enter in your website.

Canva app

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YouTube Studio, the app official from Google to manage your account

This list of applications for Youtubers would not make sense without YouTube Studio, a powerful application that will allow you to manage all the activity of your channel from the same site through your Smartphone and Tablet. Go, an ideal option to never rely on most of the computer and to be able to be informed wherever you are.

Like YouTube, this app has been developed by Google, so it won’t cost you become familiar with your interface if you’re used to working with the video platform. You’ll just have to log in with the same account data and, from here, begin to monitor everything that is happening in your channels. For example:

  • Query performance statistics of the videos and the channel in general.
  • Filter and reply to comments.
  • Receive notifications on the activity of the videos.
  • Manage playlists.

On the other hand, you can also resort to YouTube Studio to edit all of the information regarding the videos, as the description, tags, settings, monetization, publication dates, or even change the video thumbnails, among other options.

Of course, YouTube Studio app is a completely free of charge and is available for iOS and Android devices. Download is not NEGOTIABLE.

YouTube Studio iOS y Android

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VivaVideo video editor reference

If you andas wondering what video editor use the Youtubers, probably VivaVideo is one of the best in the mobile market. Without going more far, in Google Play the app has 4.5 stars on 5… with more than 10 million votes!

Now, what is the secret of the success of this app? As its developers claim, is a simple tool, but professional, so that any user can create videos as if an expert is involved, without the need of having prior knowledge in video editing.

To do this, you’ll be able to import multiple video clips at once, then combine them and edit them as you want. Among its features, there is the option of adding sound effects or transitions, upload music files from your device, choose topics music in the app itself, or using different editing tools such as cut, merge, copy, or merge, among others.

On the other hand, one of the strong points of VivaVideo is the possibility to export and share directly the video on YouTube, so that you will not need to save it previously in the mobile. In a matter of minutes, your subscribers will be able to enjoy your creations.

The free version of the app contains over 200 special effects and lets you export in HD. To enjoy all of the packages and options of the app-if you’re just starting out don’t need it – you can upgrade to premium for a competitive price 12.99€ per year or 2,99€ monthly.

VivaVideo app

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Cute CUT, an app for Youtubers beginners

One of the video editors that use the Youtubers is Cute CUT, an application with a look and operation is very simple, but that has nothing to envy to the rest of professional tools for both iOS as Android.

From your main screen, is as easy as drag-and-drop the video clips and photo, and from here, sort them and edit them to your whim. You can add text, music, voice recordings, transitions, customizable, shadow, shapes… and much more.

One of the most interesting features of Cute CUT is the option of drawing directly onto the video, ideal for those Youtubers who want to make funny videos and original. To do this, you have more than 30 drawing tools and different types of brushes that help you create professional effects.

The videos can be saved in HD (16:9) or SD (4:3) and you can send them directly to YouTube. The program download is free on Google Play and App Store and your Pro option is available for a one-time fee of 6,99€. Also you can download his version for the Mac.

Cute CUT app

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OBS Studio, live your game

OBS Studio does not require many presentations. This magnificent software of PC -you explained how it worked to stream live on Twitch– is a mandatory option for those Youtubers whose channels are dedicated to the world of gaming.

If you remember, OBS is an open source program that incorporates the functions of video recording and live streaming, so that you will go as ring to the finger if you want to broadcast your game-of PC on your YouTube channel, either live or on a deferred basis.

In addition, the program includes different tools for professional video production, such as transitions between scenes, shortcuts to perform certain actions in the direct, audio mixers, or different filters to the video source.

OBS can be downloaded form completely free of charge for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. Download it and you can be a legit gamer!

Open Broadcaster Software

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Vegas Pro, a classic that never fails

Who does not know the mythical Sony Vegas? Well, this program of professional video editing now known under the name of Vegas Pro. Yes, despite this small change, it still maintains the same essence and is one of the favorite among the majority of Youtubers edit their videos.

And it is that there is no program of visual editing with so many options and features available such as Vegas Pro. Some of them are:

  • Design of titles and text
  • More than 200 transitions to conventional or 3D.
  • Editing of recordings in 360º
  • Intelligent Zoom.
  • Monitoring simultaneous video.
  • Possibility to import large images.
  • Support 4k.
  • Almost 400 video effects, as for example the effect bullet or lighting professional.
  • Filter, color adjustment, color correction primary and secondary.
  • Setting of speed curves.

The list is endless. Obviously, a program as complete and focused on professionals requires a great economic investment. For this reason, if your career as a Youtuber is serious, you might be interested to take a look at their official website and check the price of the different versions to stay with the one that best suits your needs.

However, if you just started and look for a more simple and cheap, you have the alternative of downloading the version Vegas Movie Studio, which also incorporates incorporates a large variety of tools for video editing. Both options are only available for Windows.

Sony Vegas Youtubers

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Camtasia, great for tutorials

Without a doubt, any Youtuber reference has been used at one time or another Camtasia, a program that records everything that is happening on the computer screen. For this reason, if you want to upload to YouTube a tutorial of how to operate a tool, or explain a lesson of chemistry through slides, Camtasia will not disappoint you.

Yes, not only is a screen capture program, but can also record the webcam -for example to do a playback- or the audio through the microphone. Also, Camtasia allows you to add effects to your recording, import PowerPoint presentations or edit video files saved on the computer. All with an end result in high definition and with a very intuitive.

However, the program is not free, but you have to invest more than€ 250 is to be done with the final license, and there is the option of trying it for 30 days without any cost. Although you will come to realize if you’re serious about the world Youtuber and monetizas for your videos. Just try it on your Windows or Mac!

If you want to upload a tutorial to YouTube from your mobile phone, we recommend that you take a look at the best apps to record screen in Android and iOS.

Camtasia Studio

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HandBrake, compress HD videos without losing quality

Every second counts. This phrase has more meaning than ever with HandBrake, an app which allows you to encode your videos and creations in other formats to reduce the size of the files, and in this way, expedite the process of upload to YouTube.

Best of Handbrake is that it manages to do so without the file to lose quality. To achieve this, the program has a bitrate calculator built-in that will help you to establish the best possible video quality. You can choose between different video formats (MPEG-4, H. 264, Theora) and audio (AAC, DTS, MP3…).

On the other hand, you have the possibility to configure other parameters of the file -as the frames per second (FPS) and the resolution in pixels-, import tracks, subtitles and even optimize it for the web or an individual device. Also, before you encode the video and save it, the program has an option to preview it.

Handbrake is a free application and can be downloaded in its official website for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It’s another of the must-haves for every Youtuber!

HandBrake codificador video

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