Microsoft says Halo: Countless “is Halo 6”

“It’s the next story,” says Jeff Easterling.

Microsoft has mentioned that Halo fanatics should recall to mind Halo: Countless as Halo 6, irrespective of the game not in reality being known as Halo 6.
Speaking all through a modern Mixer broadcast, 343 Studios Jeff Easterling said “You’ll have to merely consider it Halo 6. Don’t recall to mind it as a extraordinary prequel more or less issue. It’s the next story. It’s the next chapter in what’s happening.”
Halo: Countless was once as soon as presented at this 12 months’s E3, on the other hand with the exception of a trailer showcasing the 343’s new engine, Slipspace, together with the fact that it’s coming to PC, little else in regards to the sport was once as soon as revealed.
Microsoft has been saying for some time that it wants to break out from numbered Halo titles. Then again thru going with the establish “Countless” Microsoft has muddied the waters possibly more than it wanted too. Bioshock: Countless was once as soon as actually an overly different sport compared to the original. The period of time “Countless” would possibly simply moreover signify a wider building, possibly even a shared-universe experience like Long run or Anthem, which I’m certain Microsoft wish to get on board with.
Microsoft has tried to handle this confusion quicker than. Studio head Chris Lee has previously confirmed that Countless is an instantaneous sequel to Halo 5, while it’s moreover been determined Countless will point of interest further on Snatch Chief than the overall sport. Then again 343 has moreover said it’s “making changes to how we method problems”, and must take avid avid gamers in “new and surprising directions.” Now Easterling is saying that Countless is for all intents and purposes Halo 6. I’m getting a headache.
Anyway, to provide an explanation for, you’ll have to recall to mind Halo Countless as Halo 6, even by the use of it’s not known as that, and likewise you’ll surely be getting further of what you can expect from Halo, on the other hand by some means that’s new and surprising. Is that clear?