Microsoft Wants To Ensure You’re Really Incognito In Incognito Mode

With Chrome’s Incognito Mode, the idea behind it is that you will be able to browse the web with relative privacy where the sites you visit will not show up in the main Chrome. We’ve seen how sometimes it’s not quite as discreet as you might think, but it seems that Microsoft is hoping to fix that.

Given that Microsoft is now invested into Chromium with its upcoming revamped Edge browser, the company is working on ensuring that your privacy is protected. This is done by ensuring that whatever you type while browsing in Incognito Mode will be completely private. For those wondering what is the issue, there is a typing prediction feature in Windows 10 which means that in some instances, your typing data is being passed through the prediction service.

This means that even in Incognito, there are still traces of what you are doing, but Microsoft is hoping to change that. It is a work in progress so don’t expect to see it anytime soon, but it’s good to see that Microsoft is working on this. As we said, the company is kind of invested in Chromium now, so even if you aren’t planning to use its Chromium-based Edge browser, it should still be applicable to Chrome.

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