Miracle Thunder v 2.88 Released 125+ Models Added {Regular Update}

Miracle 2.88 Thunder Edition !

Millions of Mobile Support

# Connect Auto CPU

# Connect Model Wise

[X] Release Note MIRACLE Box & Miracle Thunder V2.88
1.Qualcomm Add MI Repair Network (Baseband) in EDL Mode.
2.Qualcomm Improve Read/Unlocks(Network),Read/Write EFS.
3.Qualcomm Add MI Repair Network (Baseband) in Diag Port (QCN).
4.SPD Improve SC9832E Boot Support.
5.Android Add Screen Locks Disable In Adb Mode
6.Android Improve Mi Account ID Disable In Adb Mode.
7.Fix Some bugs.
8.Add MTK & Qualcomm 125+ News Models Add Support..
    Alcatel OT-5045T
    MI 1S (3G)
    MI 1S Youth (3G)
    MI 1SC (3G CTC)
    MI 2 (3G)
    MI 2C (3G CTC)
    MI 2A (3G)
    MI 2S (3G)
    MI 2SC (3G CTC)
    HM 1SC (3G CTC)
    HM 1SW (Duos 3G)
    MI 3W (3G)
    MI 3C (Dual 3G CTC)
    HM Note 1LTEW (LTE CHU)
    HM Note 1LTETD (LTE CHM)
    MI 4W (3G)
    MI 4 (LTE CHM)
    MI 4 (Dual 3G CTC)
    MI Note (Duos Lte)
    MI Note (Duos Lte CHM)
    MI Note (Dual Lte)
    HM Note 1LTEW (Duos Lte CHU)
    MI 4 (LTE CTC)
    MI 4 (LTE CHU)
    HM 2 (Duos Lte CHU)
    HM 2 (Dual Lte CTC)
    HM 2 (Duos Lte CHM)
    HM 2A (Duos Lte CHM)
    HM 2 Global (Duos Lte SA)
    HM 2 Global (Duos Lte)
    HM Note 1S (Dual Lte CTC)
    HM Note 1S (Duos Lte CHM)
    HM Note 1S (Duos Lte CHU)
    HM Note 1S (Duos Lte CHM)
    HM Note 1S (Dual Lte CTC)
    MI 4I (Duos Lte)

    MI Note Pro (Duos Lte)
    MI Note Pro (Dual Lte)
    Redmi Note 3 (Dual Lte)
    Redmi Note 3 Global (Duos Lte)
    MI 5 (Dual Lte)
    MI Note 2 (Dual Lte)
    MI 4C (Dual Lte)
    MI 5 (Dual Lte)
    MI 5S (Dual Lte)
    Redmi 3 (Dual Lte)
    Redmi 3 (Dual Lte)
    MI 4S (Dual Lte)
    MI Max (Dual Lte)
    MI Max (Dual Lte)
    MI Max Prime (Dual Lte)
    Redmi 3S (Dual Lte)
    Redmi 3X (Dual Lte)
    Redmi 3X (Dual Lte)
    Redmi 4 (Dual Lte)
    MI 5S Plus (Dual Lte)
    MI MIX (Dual Lte)
    Redmi 4 (Dual Lte)
    Redmi Note 4 Global (Duos Lte)
    Redmi Note 4X (Dual Lte)
    Redmi Note 4X Global (Duos Lte)
    Redmi 4X Global (Duos Lte)
    Redmi 4X (Dual Lte)
    MI 6 (Dual Lte)
    MI 5X (Dual Lte)
    MI-ONE (3G)
    MI-ONE C1 (3G CTC)
    Cherry Flare S7 Deluxe
    Cherry Flare S7 Lite
    Cherry Omega Lite 4
    Cherry Flare J1 Lite
    Blu A030U
    Blu A270a
    Blu D600
    Blu S0350WW
    Blu S0390WW
    Blu S0410UU
    Blu S0450WW
    Blackview A20 Pro
    Blackview A30
    Blackview BV5800
    Blackview BV5800 Pro
    Dexp ML350
    ATTILA P10

    Magnus Bravo Z25
    Accessgo Gotune 3i
    NGM E450
    NGM E506
    Xtouch Z1 Plus
    VIP8 OST P501
    QMobile LT100
    VodaFone 320
    ZTE Axon Z999
    Oneplus 5 (A5000)
    ZTE Axon A2018
    Cloudfone Thrill Boost
    Cloudfone Thrill Boost 2
    Cloudfone Thrill Plus
    Cloudfone Thrill Power N
    Cloudfone Thrill View
    Dexp BL250
    Dexp BS450
    Dexp T155
    Dexp Z250
    Doogee T5S
    Doogee X55
    Doogee BL5500 Lite
    Doogee BL9000
    Doogee S55
    Elephone P8 3D
    Fero A4501
    Fero Pace 2
    Fero Pace 2 Lite
    Haier A6
    Haier P10
    Haier A41
    Haier T51
    Haier T53P
    Itel IT1460
    Infinix X5514 Smart 2 Pro
    Infinix X5515 Smart 2
    Leagoo Lead 1
    Leagoo Lead 1i
    Leagoo Lead 2
    Leagoo Lead 2s
    Leagoo Lead 3
    Leagoo Lead 3i
    Leagoo Lead 3s
    Leagoo Lead 4
    Leagoo Lead 5
    Leagoo Lead 6
    Leagoo Lead 7
    Leagoo Lead 8
    Leagoo M9 Pro
    Leagoo Power 2
    Leagoo S9

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