Mislead by Anthony Hilkmann $1.99

 Anthony Hilkmann contacted me a few months in the past about his new sport Mislead.  It’s necessarily a maze sport. But it is deceptively so.

The object is to get Your Man, Bu, the Green Blob, to the massive blue dot.

Look on the 4th symbol.  See the arrows? Bu will wish to take 10 strikes to succeed in the function.  His first step will probably be down, then left, and so on.  Before each and every transfer, you should get rid of one part from the board.
1. The yellow squares are merely partitions.
2. The crimson spikes will kill Bu.
3.The crimson circles are wormholes.

Very Interesting New Concepts:
4. The crimson issues have re-bounders. Hitting one of them will ship Bu again 1 area clear of itself.
5. The tilted yellow squares have tiny crimson arrows alongside its perimeters.  When Bu crashes into them, he is directed to the following column or row.

There are 84 ranges and nowadays I have achieved about 60.

The graphics are just right.

What might be higher.
1. Bu strikes too slowly. Maybe I am impatient.
2. There must be a leaderboard.
3. The worth is just too prime. People do not think carefully about spending $5 for a cup of espresso that takes 10 mins to drink. But they draw back at paying greater than $1 for a sport that is amusing and can take 2 – 3 hours to play.


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