MIUI 11 MIX2S 9.9.9 GSI for A Only/AB Devices by realityislie on Mido

MIUI 11 MIX2S 9.9.9 GSI for A Only/AB Devices by realityislie on Mido

MIUI 11 MIX2S 9.9.9 GSI for A Only/AB Devices
By @realityislie
Android Version: 9
Brand: Xiaomi
Model: MIX 2S
Codename: polaris
Build Type: polaris-user
Build Number: PKQ1.180729.001
Incremental: 9.9.9
Tags: release-keys
Security Patch: 2020-09-01
Fingerprint: Xiaomi/polaris/polaris:9/PKQ1.180729.001/9.9.9:person/release-keys
Description: polaris-user 9 PKQ1.180729.001 9.9.9 release-keys
Raw Image Size: 2.81 GiB
•A Only Devices
MIUI-Aonly-9-20190920-ErfanGSI.img.7z https://pressure.google.com/document/d/1YhPpcNFX_i_evZ_OiQ6m1EeElshdubTn/view?usp=sharing
•AB Devices
MIUI-AB-9-20190920-ErfanGSI.img.7z https://pressure.google.com/document/d/1cugZUzAowYimBRza5yiFuGUmL_Zi-3N7/view?usp=sharing
•Credits and thank you
@Erfanoabdi for his GSI software
@oyiramname for trying out
Post Link
How to flash:
– Wipe: device, information, dalvik, cache and dealer.
– Flash aosp dealer+boot ( https://t.me/rn4xP/135509 )
– Flash newest IMG document (extracted from 7z) as device
– Flash Permissiver V4 ( https://t.me/rn4xP/155775 )- Reboot…
For strengthen or trojan horse record sign up for https://t.me/ErfanGSIs or https://t.me/rn4xP
Watermark remover AOnly
Watermark remover AB

Could no longer get right of entry to Mi Account
Could no longer use any digicam or display recorder apps.




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