New T-Mobile Name ID App Is Better At Stopping Robocalls

T-Mobile today announced the launch of a new Name ID app for iOS and an update to the existing app for Android. The app is now better at stopping robocalls and offers users more control over who can reach them on their phone. Features offered by this app include personal number blocking, reverse number lookup, and even control over entire categories of robocalls.

The United States has a growing robocall problem. An estimated 5.1 billion people were reached as of October 2020 which works out to an average of 7.1 million calls per hour or 2000 robocalls being made every second.

T-Mobile subscribers can use the Name ID app to prevent entire categories of robocalls from reaching out to them. They can decide to permanently prevent categories like telemarketers and political surveyors from reaching out to them on their phones. All calls from the blocked groups will automatically be sent to voicemail if the user so desires.

With Name ID, users can block and unblock callers from their call log, set number blocklists to make sure that calls on the blocklist don’t ever reach them. The app can also identify calls from unknown phone numbers, even those that are not in the phone’s address book. It will show not just a number but a name or type or organization as well for more than 600 million users.

All settings are saved on a network level so even if the user’s phone is lost or stolen, all of the settings are retained on the new device. Name ID is included in T-Mobile One Plus while all postpaid customers can add it for $4 per line monthly.

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