You will not be able to buy the Black Shark Helo in Europe, just sell the Black Shark original

A couple of days ago we told you that the Black Shark Helo would come to Europe on the 16th day of November. It seems that the sources of the news and almost all of the market was confused, us included. Xiaomi is hosting a strategy most unusual with this device and its european expansion. It will not be the new model which comes to countries like Spain. On the 16th day of November, we will be able to buy the Black Shark original, the first model. Although this is not a device outdated, no one expected that Xiaomi bother to bring your phone gaming launched several months ago.

Razer and other companies have launched new devices, improving the above, and leaving these terminals in a second position. Even though they are still very powerful, buy the new choices much more appealing. It is for this reason that we expected that Xiaomi chooses to sell the new Black Shark Helo in Europe and not the Black Shark original.

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Don’t expect to be able to buy the Black Shark Helo with warranty

Not, one of the first phones on the market with 10 GB of RAM will be left without stepping on european lands, at least for the moment. Xiaomi has decided that it is best to bring to our market a mobile phone with a few months of life and with a successor that just takes a couple of weeks in the chinese shops. Still don’t know the price, but yes we can confirm that it will be available on the 16th of November.

The new model improves both the software of the device as the hardware. The model Helo has a better cooling and a more attractive design. Is more attractive and it is possible that in shops of import will get more expensive than the Black Shark original in Spain. Yes, you’ll need to say goodbye to the warranty.

Is a strategy that is somewhat confusing for Xiaomi and we will have to wait to see if finally the Black Shark Helo arrives in Europe in time or when there is a new model that is more interesting in the market.

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