Oppo F9 review: Not your notch average

by Oppo
The Oppo F9 offers a unique approach to the notch and comes in some attractive color options. Apart from that, there’s not much that makes this phone stand out.

Oppo has created some smartphones interesting lately, as the Oppo Find X of high-end with its mechanism of camera upward. The new F9 of the company is not so exciting on the spec sheet, but it does some interesting things with its combination of colors and your notch in a unique way. We do not expect that this phone comes to EE. UU. In the short term, but we feel that it is still worth watching.

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Although you can copy the same general appearance of the iPhone, is not made of premium materials.

There is No denying that the Oppo F9 is a blatant copy of the iPhone design X Apple. Because of this, the Oppo F9 will probably never reach the markets of USA. UU. (Unless Oppo wants that Apple sued their pants). Although you can copy the same general appearance and form of the iPhone, is not made of premium materials. The body of the F9 seems to be a combination of glass and metal, but is made completely of plastic. This makes the F9 to feel substantially cheaper in comparison with other smartphones with designs of glass or metal, but the body is still quite sturdy and compact.

What makes the design of the Oppo F9 so appealing is their color scheme gradients. I have the model red dawn that goes from a bright red and fades to a purple color as you approach the bottom half of the phone. A diamond pattern sole in the back is visible from an angle. It is my favorite thing about the Oppo F9 and it is awesome to see. If the red and the purple are not your thing, there is also a model blue twilight, that fades from black to blue in its place.

The Oppo F9 does not have a port USB type C, but instead uses the legacy MicroUSB.

Everything else about the design of the F9 is pretty standard. There is a fingerprint sensor on the back, power button on right, volume buttons on the left and a headphone connector at the bottom. Interestingly, the Oppo F9 does not have a port USB type-C , opting for the legacy MicroUSB. With how common USB Type-C this was very surprising to see even for a device of mid-range.

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