Blitztank needs to kill you in BlazBlue: Go Tag Fight

Blitztank wants to kill you in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle screenshot

From time to time, a combating recreation personality comes alongside that breaks the mould just a little, whether or not in form, or measurement, or anticipated movement and motion. Characters like Skullgirls’ Giant Band, Side road Fighter V’s Abigail, Surprise vs Capcom’s Sentinel or, as published right here, BlazBlue: Go Tag Fight’s Blitztank.

Blitztank is the second one “personality” to reach from military-based anime fighter Akatsuki Blitzkampf, becoming a member of comrade-in-arms Akatsuki. Issues fluctuate from the norm in that Blitztank is a real tank. Immediately up. No somersaults, no crouching, no off-the-wall jumps, only a large fucking tank, coming to roll over your head.

If that wasn’t intimidating sufficient, Blitztank additionally has a terrifying cranium embellished on its hood, giving fighters the dead-eye because it bombards them with explosive air and floor weaponry. Test it out for your self within the trailer beneath.