Eve Launches A Trio Of HomeKit Compatible Devices

Eve (formerly known as Elgato) has recently announced a trio of new HomeKit compatible devices. This comes in the form of a light switch, a light strip, and also a new power switch. The HomeKit compatibility means that users will be able to control them via the Home app, or through Siri on the iPhone, Mac computer, or the HomePod.

Starting with the Eve Light Switch (pictured above), on the surface this looks like your typical light switch and is meant to replace your  existing one. It will even work like a regular light switch, although its HomeKit compatibility does make it “smarter”. The Light Strip is also pretty much as its name implies, where each strip will come in 2m lengths and users can chain them together for up to 10m in total.

Its functionality is pretty straightforward and for those with any experience in smart LED light strips such as those by Philips under its Hue branding probably know what to expect. Last but not least will be Eve’s power strip. This power strip will support up to three plugs at once, and because it offers connectivity, users will be able to track things via the app such as consumption, create schedules, and more.

Users will also be able to control the individual plugs which means that users will have more flexibility in what they want to do with it. There is no word on when Eve plans on releasing these new devices, so we’ll just have to keep an eye out for it.

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