People are already mocking Google’s phone call-making AI, and it’s hilarious

Google Duplex Funny Videos ^(

Google Duplex is one of the most exciting voice assistant features we’ve seen yet, although it’s still all vaporware. That’s not to say Google won’t pull it off; it’s just that the demo Google showed at I/O 2018 wasn’t live. And, when Duplex does initially launch, it’ll only be available to a limited number of users for very specific purposes.

The ability to have Google Assistant make dinner reservations and book appointments via voice is still amazing, pointing to a future where voice-based computing will really take off. But while we wait for that future, or for Duplex to become a reality, let’s check out some of the hilarious videos that mock Google’s invention.

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Funny or Die came up with a useful solution for Duplex, and that’s handling your parents. “This cool new tech will help you blow off your parents like never before,” the video’s description reads, and the clip itself is amazing. If Duplex gets to be this smart, you better believe that your parents will try to use it to spy on you:

Bonus points for the clip, as the parents actually know they’re talking to your Assistant. After some backlash, Google did confirm that the people in Duplex voice calls will be told ^( they’re not talking to a real person.

What if Duplex could handle your love life too? Would that be something of interest to you? YouTube user Adam Fierman has a video that proves Google Duplex’s possibilities are endless.

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