Persona Q2 finally heralds the coolest character in the collection, Mitsuru Kirijo

Persona Q2 finally heralds the coolest character in the series, Mitsuru Kirijo screenshot

Atlus has launched their twenty-fifth character trailer for upcoming Nintendo 3DS free up Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. But it is a doozy, bringing the elegant Mitsuru Kirijo into the limelight.

Appearing in PS2 vintage Persona 3, Mitsuru is one of the extra mature participant characters in the collection, being the ripe outdated age of 20. As the “larger sister” to the SEES, Mitsuru presentations herbal management and supportive talents, while keeping up a commanding air of aloofness and a great sense of style. With her never-say-die perspective, it’s Mitsuru’s robust will that proves to be a very important plot tool at Persona 3’s stunning climax.

In this trailer, one shot has Mitsuru and Persona 5’s Makoto IN THE SAME SCENE, which can almost definitely reason maximum 3DS consoles to self-destruct from all the superior. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, launches in Japan November 29 on Nintendo 3DS. A western localisation announcement can not come fast sufficient.

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