Philz Recovery 6.59.0 for Symphony P6


* Contact Interface

– toggle between 4 contact modes: FULL TOUCH, DOUBLE TAP to validate and SEMI TOUCH (scroll however no contact validation) and NO TOUCH to simply use keys
– written from scratch complete contact code
– protected complete contact : no wrongly validations whilst scrolling
– whilst you set complete contact mode, it defaults to optimized settings for menu peak, scroll sensitivity and contact accuracy (you continue to can regulate them manually later)
– modify scroll sensitivity in an enormous palette
– modify menu peak in an enormous palette
– modify contact accuracy
– 30 colour settings for every of the 8 GUI portions + 5 alpha transparency settings
– person customized background png can also be decided on along with 30 forged colours possibility
– display / cover background icon
– display / cover backside digital buttons
– display/cover + set colour and transparency for menu line separators to check forged colour issues, like Black…
– set choice of backside log rows to turn
– Pleasant Log View and pause on logs: not more omit logs right through zip installs
– auto dim display after person configurable lengthen
– auto flip off display after person configurable lengthen
– modify brightness and switch off display with a gesture motion
– display/cover clock and ultimate battery %, even right through nandroid operations
– clock and battery stats now successfully refresh each and every 30 seconds and right through nandroid operations
– toggle vibrator on/off on contact
– toggle key repeat for quantity up/down scrolling when maintained pressed
– key repeat additionally enabled for digital buttons
– set time zone + 30mn offset + DST: proper time can now be set for nandroid backup trail and clock
– time environment is now carried out to all restoration consultation, together with timestamp of created/changed recordsdata (v4.92.3+)
– seize restoration display pictures with a gesture motion
– one report to avoid wasting all settings
– backup and repair settings report
– reset to default settings possibility
– urged to revive your settings from a backup when they’re wiped via a brand new ROM set up
– way to auto repair your settings from a backup with out a urged
– all toggles are carried out reside, with out restart of restoration (excluding reset of inventory CWM background symbol)
– toggle menu choices are mechanically proper aligned and menu textual content left aligned in keeping with instrument show dimension
– configurable gesture movements: double faucet, slide proper/left, lengthy press/carry, lengthy press/transfer, can also be related to any of: display log, exchange brightness, clean display, seize display shot, release Aroma Report Supervisor


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