PlayStation-Exclusive Yakuza Series Could Be Released For Xbox One

The Yakuza series of titles have largely been exclusive to the PlayStation platform. The most recent titles have only been released for the PlayStation 4 ^( but the developer isn’t against the idea of expanding the franchise to Sony’s biggest rival. Producer Daisuke Sato has mentioned that the developers will consider porting the Yakuza series over to the Xbox One if there’s enough demand for it.

Yakuza 1 & 2 HD were released for the Nintendo Wii U but they were a “major failure,” according to Sato. He says that the developers are always willing to support multiplatform availability of this franchise as much as possible but he’s convinced that Nintendo’s not the right platform for the franchise.

“As far as the Nintendo Switch is concerned, I’m convinced that this is not the ideal platform on which to develop Yakuza games,” Sato said in an interview ^( with Gameblog.

He hasn’t ruled out the possibility of launching the Yakuza series for the Xbox One if there’s enough demand for the title. “Regarding the Xbox One, we can possibly consider it, knowing Xbox One users may be more likely to be interested in a game like Yakuza. This could potentially be an option,” he added.

Microsoft may be interested in getting this franchise on the platform as well in a bid to have more Japanese titles available on the Xbox One. Nothing is confirmed as yet, though, but it’s good to see that at least the developers are open to considering an Xbox One port of the Yakuza franchise.

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