Pokemon Go’s snapshot challenge rewards players for taking pictures with virtual creatures

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Developer Niantic announced today ^(https://pokemongolive.com/en/post/gosnapshotsummer2019/) the Go Snapshot Challenge for Pokémon Go. The contest uses the game’s Snapshot feature and turns it into a month-long competition. The competition is split up into three challenges — the Buddy, Habitat, and Go Create challenges.

First up is the Buddy Challenge, which asks players to take pictures with any of their Pokémon. It can’t just be any picture, though — the picture must show “the connection” between you and your Pokémon. Some examples include giggling at the park and jumping around like a lunatic at home.

For the Buddy Challenge, Pokémon Go players have from April 15 through April 24 to submit their top three pictures on Instagram or Twitter. The entries must have the #GOsnapshot and #BuddyChallenge hashtags in order for them to be considered.

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Next up is the Habitat Challenge, which asks players to take pictures of their Pokémon “in their natural habitat.” For this challenge, players will want to know their Pokémon’s types and Pokédex information if they want a leg-up on the competition. One example includes a Butterfree flying around in a field of flowers.

The Habitat Challenge starts April 29 and ends May 8. Entries must use the #GOsnapshot and #HabitatChallenge hashtags.

The final challenge is the Go Create Challenge, which asks players to think outside the box and be creative with their pictures. For example, you could position an Oddish next to a row of potted plants.

The Go Create Challenge starts May 13 and ends May 22. Entries must use the #GOsnapshot and #GoCreateChallenge hashtags.

Each challenge will have a grand-prize winner and two runner-ups. Each runner-up will get a special PokéStop with their winning pictures for at least three months. Grand-prize winners get the special PokéStop and tickets to a 2019 Pokémon Go Fest of their choice.

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