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Version: Beta

Updated: May 14, 2018

pokemon metallic





Name: Pokemon Metallic
Type: GBC
Hack of: Gold
Language: English


This hack was meant to recreate the Pokemon Gold experience without changing it drastically. The point was to “correct” some aspects of the game and make the game a bit more exciting with some new features. Most editing went into the evolutions, stats and move changes, but a lot of work went into the map revamping and the wild Pokemon encounters/ Trainer changes as well.


  • Revamped maps
  • New evolutions (e.g. Remoraid to either Lapras, Mantine, or Octillery).
  • New starters- Goldeen, Voltorb, Sandshrew
  • All HM’s aren’t necessary
  • Trade evolutions through stones
  • Wild Pokemon/trainers have been edited
  • Moves have been edited
  • Over 100 Pokemon have had their movesets, types, stats, or evolutions edited
  • “Twin” Pokemon, which share the same base stats (e.g. Ninetales and Arcanine)
  • Increased difficulty


pokemon metallic screenshot 1pokemon metallic screenshot 2pokemon metallic screenshot 3pokemon metallic screenshot 4pokemon metallic screenshot 5pokemon metallic screenshot 6pokemon metallic screenshot 7




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