Why to a pixel of the screen of the Galaxy S10 blinks sometimes?

If you were thinking of purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S10 ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/samsung-galaxy-s10-pueden-comprar-espana-precios-tiendas/) or any of its variants, it is likely that you’ve been reporting a bit about the features and the opinions of other users. ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/mejores-fondos-pantalla-samsung-galaxy-s10-aprovecha-agujeros-pantalla/) Some of your buyers are complaining that from time to time you see a pixel of the display blink at maximum brightness, as if LED notifications are concerned, but that only happens with the screen on and not always. Many think that it is a bug of the system or a factory defect on the screen, but no, this is part of a feature of the terminal.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first high range of the company in having the front camera in a hole in the screen. This is something that we had already seen in other terminals as the Honor View 20 ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/honor-gaming-view-20/), but there are some differences in the way that both brands have been adapted to different sensors that we were always next to the front camera on their devices, but only on the Samsung, we see this “problem”, but has an explanation.

The pixel that flashes on the Galaxy S10 is the proximity sensor

Under these lines we leave you a video where you can see the “problem” that they are reporting some users. Well, the pixel of the screen of the Galaxy S10 that flashes white is not a defect of the terminal and the software, but that it is the proximity sensor. Surely, you may have noticed that when you make a call, your phone screen is off when you get close to the ear, well, that is the main function that has this sensor, so as to avoid inadvertent touches while you talk on the phone.

Well, this pixel flashing is neither more nor less than the method that has the sensor in order to detect whether or not we’re blocking the sensor, since this is located below the screen. It is for this reason that this function only will be on during calls, but if we put the speaker will not happen. Unlike the View 20, the Galaxy S10 with the proximity sensor below the screen and is that Honor preferred to incorporate it in the top frame of the terminal. We can not say that one implementation is better than another, just different.

So if you were thinking of buying this terminal but you would stop this “defect”, you already know that is not the case. If on the other hand you already have it and you had set at how was this, now you already have a explanation to stay more quiet. There are times that brands surprise us in many different ways when you change the mode of operation of some of its components.

Entry why to a pixel of the screen of the Galaxy S10 blinks sometimes? ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/pixel-pantalla-galaxy-s10-parpadea/) first appears in Pro Android – Best apps, games, tutorials, and reviews ^(https://www.appmarsh.com) , and its author is Juanjo Segura ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/author/juanjo-segura/)

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