Predator: Looking Grounds will debut its gameplay all the way through Gamescom Opening Night time Are living

Predator: Hunting Grounds will debut its gameplay during Gamescom Opening Night Live screenshot

The Predator franchise has slightly the historical past with video video games. From house pc tie-ins to the unique motion pictures, to a large number of Alien vs. Predator releases, or even the PS2 and Xbox liberate Concrete Jungle, it kind of feels that the intergalactic hunter is all the time prepped and in a position to assemble skulls within the virtual realm.

The following online game project to function the horror/sci-fi icon shall be Illfonic’s multiplayer shooter Predator: Looking Grounds, which can have avid gamers crew up as an army unit assigned to take down the terrifying creature, whilst one fortunate so-and-so will get to don the well-known masks and gauntlet of the Predator itself.