What is the airplane mode and when should I use it?

Are you ready to take off and be able to take advantage of one of the most useful features of your mobile phone? The airplane mode allows you to be able to enjoy your cell phone once you are out of your country, whether for holiday or business.

Here, we’ll explain briefly what it is and how you can use this mode once you turn it on, whether you’re inside or outside of Spain.

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What is

To begin to explain what it is or what it means airplane mode, we must clarify beforehand that it is not something that emit radiation or waves some harmful for you. It is simply a way in which your mobile short almost all the connectivity, especially our phone line, data plan or Internet connection temporarily.

That is to say, it is a mode that allows you to turn off briefly these services. Consequently, you will not be able to do the activity that you would normally do in normal mode with the mobile, as it can be to call, send SMS or browse. This was originally created in order to avoid that these signals could cause interference during the flights.

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For what it is

There are many utilities and functions that have the airplane mode. As I mentioned above, the main one is to avoid the signals of the mobile phone to cause some kind of interference with aircraft systems.

However, many times we interpret that it is a resource of the device that we can only use once that already are on the air. Nothing could be farther from the reality, because this function is actually versatile also when we are on land, as, for example:

  • When you want to save energy of the battery.
  • When we are far away from an antenna.
  • When we seek that we do not interrupt at any time.
  • When you want to rest and sleep quietly.
  • When you’re in a health center where it can interfere with some equipment.
  • To increase our productivity, as indicated by this study of the Harvard Business Review ^(https://dialnet.unirioja.es/servlet/articulo?codigo=6568750).
  • When you want to charge faster the battery of the mobile ^(https://appmarsh.com/trucos-cargar-bateria-rapido/).
  • To not spend money more when you travel to a foreign country (if you are from the EU and travel within the territory, it does not you have to worry about).
  • To not see ads in the mobile games ^(https://appmarsh.com/juegos-movil/).
  • If you have children at home, you can avoid that call by mistake who should not.

And many more. Therefore, there are many functions that can have this feature. Today I will show what this modality in cell phones, tablets or any other mobile device.

Below, the most frequently asked questions: “In airplane mode…”

did…receive calls?

The first question that you have done is what they come calling? In airplane mode you cannot receive a call any since the connectivity is practically reduced to its entirety. Therefore, you will not have missed call (you will appear as a message when you return to the normal mode) or you can call. The mobile will not receive any signals on them once this mode is active.

what…it works WhatsApp?

Yes and no. And this very much depends on some factors. In this case, it is possible that yes you have WhatsApp messages always and when you can connect to the Wifi. However, if you do not have a Wifi connection, the messages will never arrive and you will not be able to send them.

So that your contacts can only see the last connection that you had. If you want to read WhatsApp, but do not pay the international roaming, you can activate this function. Once you get to an airport or public place with Wifi, you’ll be able to receive all the messages.

do you…the alarm sounds?

Believe it or not, it is a very good way to maintain the mobile computer on for the night. Sleep with the phone in airplane mode is an option for those who do not want to receive notifications, but leave the mobile switched on to hear the alarm.

The next time you go to rest or to take a small nap, just put this way so you are not disturbed.

How to enable or disable

  • How do you know if the phone is airplane mode? There are several ways to do this and check it out. The most obvious is to see that we are not receiving any notification and we have our service up to date, very probably you have it active on our mobile.
  • To activate it is simple. Many Android devices just enough for us to have the power button pressed for about 5 seconds continuously. We will see there a button with a menu of options on the screen, where we only need to choose the airplane mode.
  • How do we deactivate this? It is very simple. Only you have to repeat the previous step and select in the menu, the airplane mode to turn it off or turn it off. In Samsung, this mode is known as offline Profile.

I can not remove airplane mode

This error can appear at any time when our mobile phone has received some kind of recent update on your operating system. Normally, to fix it just restart your phone and it should work.

If this is not the case, and you have several attempts, the recommendation that we can give you is that you make a wipe cache and restore the data to its version of factory. If you do so, remember to make a previous version of copy or a backup to all your mobile phone.

Author: Marshmallow

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