What is an OTG cable and what it is used for? Is my smartphone compatible?

Our mobile phones every day are more suited to the style of life practical that we all. Therefore, the sharing information is becoming more and more essential for us in every way possible, so you’re always connected and always on hand with everything that we need.

One of the ways of doing so, you have been using your smartphone and USB devices. However, sometimes you can find yourself with a dilemma, since we can’t use one with the other and vice versa. But don’t worry, that is why here today I will explain what is a cable OGT and how you can take advantage of.

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What is

What is the OTG cable? Their abbreviations come from the English “On-The-Go”, and it consists of a cable that helps extend the USB 2.0 port in order to connect with any of our devices. The one we are interested in Tuapppara is, of course, our mobile phone, either an Android or an iPhone.

Therefore, it is a very useful resource which you should have if you want to transfer files from your pen drive or connect a mouse, a hard disk, a keyboard, etc., to your mobile and vice versa. This mode of additional ports may be implemented on any phone with operating system iOS (cable lightining) and Android (micro or C-Type).

cable USB OTG para carga y transferencia de datos

If you want to use devices and “extra” in a smartphone, one of the best solutions is through a USB cable On The Go.

Now that we know what it means, we’ll explain a little so that it serves in greater depth and with what devices can be connected.

For what it is

Cables USB OTG for charging and data transfer are the most common, because at the end many people acquire to have that ease. Either move your photos or files on the mobile easily or only charge the phone.

However, and as I mentioned above, these cables can be put to greater advantage, as they can be used to connect other devices to our mobile phone in addition to a pendrive. From adapters with SD cards, hard disks, wireless headphones, speakers, mouse, cameras and more, the possibilities are limitless.

You can expand the memory of your phone, you can use a mouse with your mobile as a screen, and you can even connect a remote video console to play games retro on your smartphone. But not only this.

With one of these cables at hand, you’ll be able to handle any emergency with your mobile phone (such as a fracture of the screen) and do a backup quickly all your information without the need of having a computer.

cable otg micro usb para smartphones y tablets

The case of Samsung
However, the USB cables are OTG have also served for some to do theirs, especially in the mobile Samsung. With the cable and another USB device, is able to take advantage of an error from the operating system in the models to remove the anti-theft security Google. I explained this to you pay attention to what might happen if you have a mobile Samsung and this is stolen. The equipment can be released using an application installed on a flash drive and running it from the terminal to format the phone and set it up from scratch. So you see with care!

Where to buy one and how much they cost

The cables OTG are accessories that you can get in any store of electronics, as they are additional elements that are simple to install. Your price may vary depending on whether these cables have some additional element beyond the ports to connect terminals, but their value is of a few euros.

You can also find these cables without the need of looking for shops. Only just go to Amazon, to decide among the large variety of formats depending on your needs and sort them at the best prices in the market.


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How to make compatible my Android with OTG

If you’re wondering how to operate the OTG cable in Android, the answer is more simple than you think. You will have to confirm if, in fact, the micro USB port is compatible. You have several ways to do this:

  • The first of these is by testing whether, in effect, when you connect the USB cable to OTG the mobile phone and the pendrive, both devices recognize each other. In this case, you should be able to access the file explorer of your Android device and confirm that you can log into the external storage or USB device.
  • Another simple way to determine if you can activate the OTG in Android is looking for in the specifications of the mobile phone in their section of connections.
  • There are also applications that you can download from the Play Store that can tell you if your phone is compatible, but they are not 100% reliable.

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