Rage 2 trailer leaked, official announcement expected today (Updated)

Neon smoke and guns and screaming.

Update: As Shaun duly notes in our original story below, Bethesda looks set to officially reveal Rage 2 later today.
The tweet below suggests an announcement trailer. A tweet from Wario64, however, appears to tease what we might expect.
The video within has since been pulled, but the following GIF portrays Mad Max-esque characters screaming, blowing kisses, lifting weights and firing guns while plumes of neon-coloured smoke bellow at their backs.

short Rage 2 teaser https://t.co/paZPUu0zff pic.twitter.com/rhA8zyrRzKMay 14, 2018

Make of that what you will. Look out for the official reveal later today—we’ll update as and when we know more.
Original story: 
Does Rage 2 exist, or does it not? I’d argue that yes, it does, but nothing is confirmed until publisher Bethesda announces it. That’s the bloody rule, and that’s clearly what’s scheduled to happen tomorrow, according to a new Tweet from the official Rage Twitter account.

C:DesktopVideosAnnounceTrailerMondayMay 13, 2018

(It’s worth adding that if you’re in Australia or anywhere else in the southern hemisphere, that “Monday” will likely mean “Tuesday”).
Following a Walmart leak early last week, Bethesda has issued a bunch of inscrutable images on its Twitter account, most with an overt purple theme. There was an image of London’s Big Ben with purple paint on it, an image of a rocket ship with purple paint on it, and… an image of what appears to be a Rage cosplayer (there’s a purple jacket in the image too, naturally).
The Tweet embedded above is the second missive from the official Rage account. The first one came last week, poking fun at Walmart’s leak.


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