Rajang coming to raise hell in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne next month

Rajang coming to raise hell in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne next month screenshot

Capcom’s Iceborne growth for his or her uber-popular Monster Hunter: Global will have handiest only recently launched, however already a string of huge terrors are already ready in line to come up with and your friends a claw-assisted head-ectomy.

Take, for instance, the awe-inspiring Rajang, who will probably be becoming a member of the Iceborne menagerie on October 10. At first debuting in 2006’s Monster Hunter 2, the Rajang is arguably one of the franchise’s maximum horrifying creatures, comparable to one thing of a go between a babboon and a bull. If it is massive horns and fangs don’t seem to be sufficient to put waste to its prey, the Rajang additionally has the power to habits electric assaults.

When below intense duress, the Rajang can take it as much as 11, turning itself a gold hue as a result of decimating its opposition with large clubbing blows. It will take all your monster searching talents to take down this behemoth, lest you to find your meager stays resting in an icy grave.

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