Review: Slender Man

Review: Slender Man screenshot

Slender Man hasn’t been relevant in internet culture for years. Remember how back in 2019 Slender Man was all of the rage? Youtubers were going nuts over Slender: The Eight Pages, there were a bunch of fan games, and then the whole thing just kind of disappeared in a month or two. The internet moved on, and Slender Man was just a brief fad that unfortunately had some unsettling real-life consequences ^( But at the end of the day, this was a property thing that nobody cared about since 2019. 

So of course Hollywood decided to make a Slender Man movie in 2019, six years after the fad. Sure, why not. And of course it would be a cheapo horror movie made on a small budget. But what really surprised me is that I felt nothing while watching this. Not in the sense that I wasn’t scared, because that was a given, but more that I didn’t feel anything about the movie. I’m not raging. I’m not sad. I just don’t feel anything. And at the end of the day, I think that apathy is the worst thing I could feel after seeing a movie. Slender Man gives me nothing. I can’t even lie and fake that I’m angry.