Seven features from the series that should return in Animal Crossing on Switch

Seven features from the series that should return in Animal Crossing on Switch screenshot

A proper Animal Crossing on Wii U would, in all honesty, have been a waste of a game. The system constantly struggled in sales and the series has never exactly been a blockbuster when it’s been tied to a stationary home console. It’s always at its best when it’s on the go, letting us visit our little slice of paradise wherever we may be. Just last week I spotted a woman playing New Leaf on her Galaxy New Nintendo 3DS and next November or December, I expect I’ll see her playing Animal Crossing on her Switch.

Getting confirmation of a new entry in the franchise at the tail end of the last Nintendo Direct was the perfect way to cap off the presentation. It’ll be seven years since the original release of New Leaf by the time its Switch follow-up hits store shelves, the longest gap of time between mainline entries in the franchise. Even with just this tiny announcement that a new title is on the way, there is much hype surrounding it and I’m sure millions of people around the world are wondering which direction Nintendo will take the series in.

While I’m sure we all have ideas of what new features we’d like to see in the game — I personally would love to see the idea of Tortimer Island expanded to different travel spots such as a winter lodge for skiing or a European castle to tour — I wanted to take this opportunity to look at prior entries in the series to note the features that should make a return in Animal Crossing on Switch. With four mainline games and three prominent spin-offs, there are a lot of ideas Nintendo EAD Software Development Group No. 2 can revisit for the upcoming title.

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