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Shadow Fighter
Shadow Fighter is an excelent movement video video games. The very good shadow fighter video video games.
The international is peaceful, folks’s lives are satisfied, then again there are at all times hidden threats from evil forces, dark, with the plot to sabotage, damage the peaceful life. These are the forces of darkness, are the zombies, monsters, dark dragon… With conspiring to dominate the peace international, they at all times to search out ways to damage the lives and peace on the planet. You as a shadow warrior, a hero, with unbeatable power and your job is combating in opposition to the dark forces to protect the peace of the sphere.
In the game you’ll be as a shadow warrior, might be joined and revel within the actually fierce battle. You will represent the righteous to battle the enemies, monsters, zombies. Prevent evil forces, monsters, zombies to invade the earth and the land of the people
What will you do to battle the evil forces? a lot of weapons to support you identical to knight, hammer, archery. In addition, there are a lot of pets to support you in combat, will accompany and mean you can since the assistant
With Shadow Fighter, o lot of characters for your select, you’ll be a superheroes combating for the peace. There are many levels and experience that get a hold of many levels of factor with battles, factor levels
In Shadow Fighter there are also many monsters, zombie, dark dragon for you to battle them.
Shadow Fighter, you’ll be able to moreover accumulate a lot of golds, diamonds to improre your power and damage all enemies.In addition, the shadows warriors also have the weapons, explicit attacks with great destruction to damage the beast, zombies faster in each and every battle
After each and every 5 levels there is a monster boss with great power, to damage this enemy, calls for you to be suave, skillful… This battle will provide you with the feeling of fun and feelings are very good
* Features of Shadow Fighter
– Characters: Hero, shadow warrior, super shadow warrior
– Levels: usual, onerous, extremely…
– Beautifull graphics
– Beautifull effects
– More tough weapons to attack zombies, monsters, devil
– Daily quest
– Shop
– Stone huge: Attack with enemies
– Dryad: Shoot arrow to damage enemies
– Specical: Recover heath character
* Control in shadow battle:
– Running
– jumping
– Slash
– More explicit attacks
Coming briefly:
– Multiple players
– More maps and zones continue to be up to the moment
Shadow Fighter is a smart game, an excellent combating game for you to entertain and chill out
You can play this game on each and every instance and all over with whole reviews of movement video video games. Get able to be the most productive player in this Shadow Fighter video video games!
Let’s download shadow battle and share your with friends at the moment!
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Shadow Fighter Apk

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