Slack Begins Testing Dark Mode On Its iOS App

Image credit – 9to5Mac

Dark mode is feature that we’re starting to see incorporated into more apps these days, and if you do a lot of communicating on your mobile device, especially late at night, dark mode can be quite an eye-saver as it makes it easier on your eyes, versus the glaring white colors that we typically see being used in apps.

The good news for Slack users is that it looks like the company has started to test out its dark mode on iOS ^( Note that this is only applicable for the beta version of the app which means that if you’re not taking part in the beta, you won’t see the feature available to you yet. However for those who are taking part, you should be able to find the toggle for dark mode in the settings menu.

As 9to5Mac points out, Slack’s dark mode has opted for a dark gray color instead of just plain black. We reckon it’s still dark enough where it should be comfortable for use in low-light settings, but if you prefer black then you’d be out of luck. However this is a beta which means that there is a chance certain things could change ahead of its final release, but we wouldn’t suggest you get your hopes up just yet.

There is no word on when the feature will be exiting the beta but given that it is being tested in the beta right now, hopefully it’s a sign that it should come soon.

Slack Begins Testing Dark Mode On Its iOS App ^(

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