Some Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus users are reporting signal strength issues

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Back Angle

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus might be the most feature-packed Samsung device in years (aside from the 5G model), but it looks like the phone’s signal strength is coming into question.

According to several forum threads spotted by Android Police, users are finding that the Galaxy S10 Plus simply has worse signal strength than their previous phones (e.g. Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8).

Many Sprint users have reported weak signal strength on the Samsung customer forums, but some AT&T and T-Mobile users have reported the same issue on the forum and reddit. So it certainly seems like it’s more than just a single carrier-related issue, likely involving a number of factors. Sprint users have apparently been able to find a workaround by disabling bands 41 and 25.

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Android Police also notes that its own Galaxy S10 Plus unit has weaker signal strength than the Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6T, and Google Pixel 3. Furthermore, it says simply holding the device “wrong” (and without a case) results in a drop in signal quality.

The Sprint website notes that the problem will be “resolved with an upcoming software release.” So hopefully this update spells the end of the issue for Sprint subscribers. It’s unclear whether Samsung will deliver an update to fix strength issues for users on other networks.

Is your Galaxy S10 Plus affected by signal strength issues? Let us know in the comments!

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