Sonic the Hedgehog is getting his own episode of OK Okay.O! Let’s Be Heroes

Sonic the Hedgehog is getting his own episode of OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes screenshot

OK Okay.O! Let’s Be Heroes is doing a crossover episode with Sonic the Hedgehog on August 4, and my goodness, simply take a look at the little punk! I’m hoping he channels some of that ’90s TV sequence power.

The wacky Cartoon Network display is jam-packed with loving nods to video video games and gaming tradition typically, so I will be able to handiest believe what number of references the new episode, “Let’s Meet Sonic,” will set up to slot in. Even simply this quick first-look photos out of San Diego Comic-Con has a couple of nostalgic riffs.

It’s additionally been showed that Roger Craig Smith and Colleen O’Shaughnessey are lending their acquainted voices. The OK Okay.O.! Sonic and Tails particular will debut on Sunday, August 4 at 4:45pm Eastern on Cartoon Network. If you have got get entry to to the Cartoon Network video app ^( on iOS or Android, that’ll paintings too.

I do not watch OK Okay.O.! (or a lot TV in any respect at the present time), however each and every clip I have observed has made me snort. If I had children, this might be one of the ones presentations that I, the historical grownup, would not-so-sneakily love.