SpellForce: Heroes & Magic brings turn-based strategy battles to Android

THQ Nordic announced that turn-based strategy game SpellForce: Heroes & Magic is coming soon to Android. The game will be familiar to fans of the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

A spin-off of the SpellForce series, SpellForce: Heroes & Magic lets you play as the Dark Elves, Orcs, or Humans. From there, you send your heroes and armies to collect treasures and battle other armies. Once you enter a battle, the game provides an isometric view of the hexagonal battlefield, your troops, and your enemy’s troops.

As with other turn-based strategy games, your job is to take down enemy troops without taking on too many casualties. Your units gain XP and level up as you win battles, with each hero and unit able to equip different gear and abilities.

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic offers over 45 different units, though you can also make enemies or ally yourself with Gargoyles, Shadows, Elves, Dwarves, Barbarians, and Trolls. Any allies you acquire will come in handy as you make your way through the 13-mission adventure mode.

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You can also play the free mode, which places you in randomly-generated maps against AI opponents. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be a PvP mode.

On the bright side, SpellForce: Heroes & Magic doesn’t include micro-transactions — the game itself costs $7.99, but that’s it. The game also doesn’t include loot boxes or other free-to-play mechanics, such as energy bars and multiple currencies.

There’s no word yet on a launch date, though we’ll be sure to provide a Google Play Store link once SpellForce: Heroes & Magic goes live.

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