Star Mobile Play Style firmware/stock rom to unbrick your phone

Hello all,

This firmware is for Star Mobile Play Style and the firmware is 100% operating.

Star%2BMobile%2BPlay%2BStyle Star Mobile Play Style firmware/stock rom to unbrick your phone Root

I uploaded the report via section as a result of bandwidth restrict. The firmware is 50MB in keeping with report. There are 10 information to be downloaded. Should you didn’t obtain the information you can’t extract the firmware.

“In case you are having onerous time to obtain at DevHost just remember to click on on Obtain NOW”

ResearchDownload –> DOWNLOAD HERE
Firmware –> Star Mobile Play Style Obtain Hyperlinks

“Extract to your desired folders” 


I recommend to use Home windows with 32bit device for driving force compatibility.

TO absolutely flash your phone.
1. Open Researchdownload
2. Load packet and search for report the .percent report.(first button in ResearchDownload). Percent report is the firmware that you just downloaded.
3. Wait till the Percent report has been loaded, the Researchdownload would possibly freeze its adequate simply stay up for it to load the percent report.
4.  Press the Play button to proceed flashing.
When connecting your phone within the PC after you press the Play button in Analysis Obtain, press and dangle both VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN, or you’ll be able to press VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN concurrently.

5. Simply stay up for it to display go in ResearchDownload. Your phone will mechanically reboot. And simply stay up for it. It’ll take 3 mins to absolutely boot the device.

I am hoping this educational allow you to get better your phone 🙂