Stardew Valley tips and tricks: Best crops, how to transfer PC save to mobile, and more

It’s time to get agricultural on Android! Stardew Valley is now to be had for Android telephone and drugs (and supported Chromebooks) by means of the Google Play Store for the one-off worth of $7.99.

With the exception of the multiplayer co-op mode, the spoil hit indie farming sim for PC and console is a nearly similar sport on cellular gadgets. You can learn our in-depth ideas at the cellular model in our Stardew Valley assessment!

In this information we will discuss how to play Stardew Valley, whilst additionally sharing the most productive Stardew Valley tips and methods to can help you and your farm thrive.

How to transfer Stardew Valley save record from PC/Mac to Android

Stardew Valley tips how to transfer save from PC to mobile

Returning avid gamers from PC/Mac can simply transfer save video games to cellular with only a few easy steps.

First off you’ll be able to want to in finding your present save record.

  • On PC open File Explorer and kind the next into the deal with bar: %AppData%StardewValleySaves
  • On Mac open Finder > Go > Go to folder and then kind the next: ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves

What you’ll be able to in finding on both platform is a folder (or more than one when you have more than a few saves) along with your Stardew Valley personality’s identify and a number of numbers. Make a duplicate of this folder and all of its contents. Plug your Android tool into your laptop by means of a suitable USB cable and exchange the MTP USB notification standing to Transfer information.

Access your telephone’s inside garage in Devices and drives on PC or by means of the use of the Android File Transfer app on Mac. You’ll then need to replica and paste your replica save folder into the folder marked “StardewValley” which will likely be within the root menu of your telephone/pill’s garage. If this folder does not seem you’ll be able to repair this by means of briefly beginning and quitting a brand new sport at the cellular model.

Now while you subsequent boot up the sport you must see your PC/Mac save sport to your cellular tool!

Choose the most productive vegetation

Stardew Valley tips and tricks best crops

While there are many techniques to earn cash in Stardew Valley your number one supply of source of revenue for many of the sport will likely be vegetation. Knowing which seeds to plant to get the most important returns in gold typically takes some trial and error, however we have now were given a cheat sheet to can help you out.

The best possible vegetation in Stardew Valley exchange between seasons and there is no level planting summer time seeds in spring as they simply would possibly not develop in any respect. Eventually you’ll be able to need to be sure you’re the use of preserves jars and kegs to create jellies and juices from your produce to make even more cash, however if you are promoting them uncooked listed here are the most productive vegetation to plant in each and every season:

  • Best Spring vegetation — Strawberry (seeds simplest to be had right through Egg Festival), Cauliflower, Potato, Rhubarb (purchased from Oasis store)
  • Best Summer vegetation — Blueberry, Starfruit (Oasis store), Melon, Hops, Red Cabbage (2d 12 months simplest)
  • Best Fall vegetation — Rare Seed (purchased from Gypsy Wagon), Cranberry, Pumpkin, Grape

Plan out each and every season (and the years forward)

Stardew Valley tips and tricks shop

If you need to maximize your earnings in Stardew Valley you’ll be able to’t simply plant seeds recklessly.

Each season lasts 28 days in-game and as soon as the elements adjustments any vegetation you might have will wither and die in an instant. As some vegetation take now not simply days however weeks to develop and harvest, there is no level planting a seed that’ll take two weeks to undergo fruit in case you’ve simplest were given a few days till the following season arrives.

Instead, you might be a lot at an advantage saving the ones seeds for the next 12 months. One primary instance, as famous above, is Strawberry seeds.

Strawberries are a long way and away the most productive Spring crop, however you’ll be able to simplest purchase them on the Egg Festival. Because this falls later within the season you’ll be able to simplest have time to plant and harvest one strawberry crop. However, when you have some spare money you’ll be able to stockpile strawberry seeds for 12 months two for an absolute providence of gold.

How to repair the Community Center

Stardew Valley tips community center

Rebuilding the Community Center is largely your primary purpose in Stardew Valley (do not promote out to Joja Mart, it really isn’t value it!). To accomplish that you’ll be able to want to entire Bundles asked by means of the sport’s tiny trojan horse issues, the Junimos, to refurbish particular person rooms.

Completing each Bundle is a protracted highway, however you’ll be able to need to prioritize sure rooms and Bundles as now not the entire rewards are made equivalent.

The maximum vital one to start with is the Boiler Room restore to get the mine cart again up and operating, which helps you to rapid trip between the Mines, Bus Stop, Quarry, and the precise facet of the city. Time is valuable and skipping between spaces leaves you more hours within the day to get different issues accomplished.

The Greenhouse can also be acquired by means of finishing the Pantry Bundle and that is the most productive praise within the long-term. Any vegetation you plant in right here will develop it doesn’t matter what season it’s (together with Winter!).

The Bus Repair (Vault Bundle) is any other key praise because it offers you get admission to to the Oasis the place you’ll be able to purchase unique seeds.

Talk to your folks and give items

Stardew Valley tips and tricks friendship meters

Don’t grow to be too obsessive about keeping up your farm. There’s a complete the town in the market to discover and a number of strange and superb citizens to befriend. You will also get started a romance with some characters and, if you are in reality into them, get married and get started a circle of relatives.

Aside from the tale facet, getting to know the group can even internet you rewards while you achieve upper friendship ranges which can be delivered immediately to your mailbox.

Friendship is measured on a scale represented by means of hearts, with each and every villager having 10 hearts in general. If you do make a decision to get married your partner can have two additional hearts and filling all 12 nets you a Stardrop which completely expands your Energy meter.

Increasing the collection of hearts with each and every villager is as simple as speaking to them and giving them items — simply make sure that to give them items that they in reality like (the ever-helpful Stardew Valley Wiki has a complete present information). You’ll additionally get bonus Friendship issues in case you give a villager a present on their birthday which you’ll be able to test at the calendar outdoor Pierre’s Store.

Go to mattress on time

Stardew Valley tips house at night

Don’t keep up previous your bedtime! It could also be tempting to burn the middle of the night oil (particularly if you find yourself making excellent growth within the Mines), but when you do not hit the hay at an acceptable time your power restoration for day after today will take an enormous hit.

As lengthy as you get to mattress ahead of 12PM you’ll be able to get up with a complete power bar, however past that you’ll be able to be penalized. If you do not pass to sleep by means of 2AM you’ll be able to go out utterly and get up with simplest part your standard power.

Choose your Professions correctly

Stardew Valley tips and tricks Oasis desert

Stardew Valley has a couple of RPG-lite parts, together with a leveling machine to your avatar’s five talents — Farming, Mining, Foraging, Fishing, and Combat.

Each ability will praise new pieces and beef up your talents at each and every degree up to a max of degree 10. At degree 5 and degree 10 you’ll be able to even have to select one of two professions which offer important passive boosts.

You must select your Profession perks in accordance with what fits your play-style. For instance, at degree 5 Fishing you’ll be able to select between a 25 % building up in sale prices for fish or a discount in fabrics wanted to craft crab pots. If you might be now not excited by putting in place crab pots then go for the Fisher career, or vice versa.

If you find yourself converting your thoughts later you’ll be able to transfer professions by means of visiting the Statue of Uncertainty as soon as you’ve got won get admission to to the Sewers. This prices a whopping 10,000g, then again, and you’ll be able to simplest reset one career every day.

Watch the TV

Stardew Valley tips TV weather report

What’s an important factor to do while you get up in Stardew Valley? No, it isn’t brushing your enamel or having a wash, it is turning at the TV to see what is on!

As bizarre as this sounds, the TV is extremely helpful. As smartly as foraging tips and cooking recipes, the TV additionally permits you to know what your Luck will likely be for the day. This affects a wide variety of items in Stardew Valley, together with the danger to double harvests, get treasure whilst fishing, and in finding uncommon pieces within the Mines.

The TV can even assist you to know what the elements will likely be on day after today. It’s useful to know when rain is due so you’ll be able to plan forward accordingly, particularly if you are pondering of handing on your watering can to be upgraded.

Only improve your gear when suitable

Stardew Valley tips upgrade tools

Speaking of upgrading your gear, do not give one to the blacksmith until you might be completely positive you might be now not going to want it. If it is going to rain then that is a good time to give your watering can a spice up, however if you are in for a dry spell your vegetation would possibly not thanks if you’ll be able to’t water them.

You must additionally prioritize the pickaxe, awl, and watering can over your different gear as you’ll be able to be the use of those essentially the most within the first 12 months or so.

Surviving the mines

Stardew Valley tips and tricks - mines

Stardew Valley is a most commonly non violent revel in, however that cannot be stated of the Mines. The Mines are a chain of randomly generated dungeons filled with valuable ore and gem stones. Unfortunately, they are additionally teeming with monsters that can assault you on sight.

Your descent throughout the Mines will take you from the highest ground the entire method down to the very backside at ground 120. You will achieve the following ground by means of discovering a ladder which is typically hidden below a rock someplace. The additional you get the simpler the rewards, however the enemies gets a lot more potent as you pass.

Time is in opposition to you as you’ll be able to nonetheless want to make it out and get again house to mattress ahead of the day is over. If you go out within the Mines you’ll be able to additionally lose maximum or the entire valuables you’ve got won and if you are unfortunate a key device. Progressing throughout the Mines will take many journeys as after each five flooring you’ll be able to release a shortcut by means of the elevator on the most sensible.

Editor’s Pick

Combat in Stardew Valley is a relatively elementary slash-until-dead affair, however on cellular this turns into a bit of more difficult. The default controls will motive you to auto-attack when close to a foe, however you’ll be able to and must experiment with other keep an eye on schemes for fight. Auto-attack works high-quality in opposition to low degree beasties, however harder enemies require more finesse.

You must all the time carry meals with you when plotting a travel to the Mines. Having a spare meal available to fill up your well being or power can also be the variation between achieving any other milestone or having to minimize a hasty retreat.

You too can employ your crafting menu within the Mines. Bombs are nice a clearing a space of rocks if you are suffering to discover a ladder. If you might have 100 stone available you’ll be able to even construct a one-off ladder as a final hotel to achieve the following degree.

That’s it for our Stardew Valley tips and methods! Do you might have different recommendation to proportion along with your fellow farmers? Let us know within the feedback.

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