SteelSeries Illuminated Gamer Bundle for $125

Those Gaming Equipment Are Professional-Licensed to Give You the Aggressive Merit
Expires January 25, 2017 23:59 PST
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This package boasts all of the gear you wish to have to achieve and stay a aggressive merit on your PC and Mac gaming. You can get the Siberia 150 USB headset, the Rival 100 laser mouse, and the Apex 300 keyboard, offering a slew of options to push you previous the contest.

“SteelSeries have equipped a gorgeous but inexpensive selection to most of the costlier gaming-focused mice available on the market, with the Rival 100 Optical Gaming Mouse,” Crave On-line

“Although it can be aimed toward players, the Apex is superb for someone who needs a trendy keyboard with superb features,” Fragged Country

  • Experience customizable audio & an lively soundscape w/ the Siberia 150 USB headset
  • Keep up a correspondence w/ different avid gamers w/ the Siberia’s integrated microphone
  • Customise your Rival 100 w/ six programmable buttons
  • Get a bonus w/ the tournament-ready, pro-approved Rival 100
  • Fly to victory w/ speedy motion keys at the Apex 300
  • Take overall keep an eye on of your keyboard w/ macros, customized profiles, & lighting fixtures choices
  • Use complex anti-ghosting to press as much as 6 keys concurrently w/o locking the keyboard

To be had to US consumers simplest.


Main points & Necessities

  • Siberia 150 USB Headset:
    • Speaker drivers: 40mm Neodymium drivers
    • Headphone frequency reaction: 20-20000 Hz
    • Headphone sensitivity: 94 dB
    • Microphone frequency reaction: 50-16000 Hz
    • Microphone pickup development: Omnidirectional
    • Microphone sensitivity: -38 dB
    • Microphone impedance: 2200 Ohm
  • Rival 100 Laser Mouse
    • Subject material: Cushy contact black, shiny colours
    • Ergonomic, right-handed
    • Grip taste: Claw or finger-tip
    • Collection of buttons: 6
    • SteelSeries switches: Rated for 30 million clicks
    • Weight: 120 g
    • Top: 120.6 mm
    • Width: 67.13 mm
    • Cable Period: 1.8 m
  • Apex 300 Gaming Keyboard
    • Structure: Low-profile
    • Ergonomically raised macro keys: 17
    • Devoted media keys
    • Anti-Ghosting: 20 key
    • Illumination: Unmarried colour white backlit
    • Weight: 1230 g
    • Top: 52 mm
    • Width: 520 mm
    • Swappable rubber ft
    • Cable period: 1.8 m



  • Siberia 150 USB Headset
  • Rival 100 Laser Mouse
  • Apex 300 Keyboard