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Stellarium – desktop planetarium, real-time appearing the lifelike 3-d symbol of a starry sky. This system with the perfect realism reproduces what we will see with the bare eye, the lens of a small telescope or binoculars

Stellarium is a brilliant educational, this system is really helpful for folks wishing to acquaint their kids with the fundamentals of astronomy and everybody, who love to look at the starry sky.

Easy and handy program interface is straightforward to grasp even a kid.

The legit web page says that the usual catalog comprises about 600 000 stars, there may be further, which contains 210 million stars, I feel everybody understands that the quantity is solely unreal, you’ll see all of the stars identified so far. Stellarium will permit a reasonably lifelike view sunrises and sunsets, it’s conceivable to view the milky method, to get familiar with the planets and their satellites.

The Stellarium interface may be very handy, there may be complete Russian fortify, the settings aren’t very many, all of them transparent the primary time, even the kid can be informed regulate. This system will mean you can set up time, you’ll generate the celebrities, there’s a nice simulation of atmospheric phenomena, you’ll flip the grid coordinates for all gadgets it is possible for you to so as to add their signatures. In Normal, I like to recommend to take a look at Stellarium to paintings, I feel I painted as sure options of this system, don’t put out of your mind to depart feedback concerning the product.


The sky
• superstar clusters and constellations photographs
• constellation of greater than 20 other cultures
• photographs of nebulae
• lifelike milky Method
• very lifelike surroundings, the sunsets and sunrises
• planets and their satellites

• tough scaling
• regulate of time
• multilingual interface
• projection fisheye for projection onto a planetarium dome
• round replicate projection for Your individual low cost dome
• new graphical interface and intensive keyboard regulate
• control of the telescope

• Equatorial and azimuthal grids
• twinkle superstar
• meteors
• simulation of eclipses
• simulation of supernova
• landscapes with skins, now with a round panoramic projection

Customization and extension
• plugin device for including synthetic satellites, ocular simulation, telescope regulate and a lot more
• talent so as to add new sun device gadgets from the Web…
• upload your personal house gadgets, landscapes, constellation photographs, scripts…

Handbook (The App Folder-Handbook):
– Quick information (Russian)
– Fast get started information (Russian)

Record of adjustments between model 0.19.2 and grasp

•Added Chinese language translation for skycultures (GH: #788)
•Added fortify awesome and inferior conjunctions for inside planets (GH: #789)
•Added fortify for biggest elongations of inside planets (GH: #789)
•Added compute desk bound issues in AstroCalc/Phenomena device (GH: #789)
•Added new teams of gadgets for AstroCalc/Phenomena device
•Added magnitudes for AstroCalc/Phenomena device
•Added brightness prohibit for planetary nebulae (speed-up for AstroCalc/Phenomena device)
•Added 2 new purposes for AstroCalc/Graphs device
•Added fortify of connecting line between the markers ephemeris (GH: #758, #805)
•Added fortify skipping of labels for the visualization of information into AstroCalc/Ephemeris device (GH: #758)
•Added acknowledgements access for plugins
•Added some extra references and acknowledgements for few plugins
•Added some textures DSO (GH: #798, #824)
•Added new GUI choices and tooltips for AstroCalc/AstroCalc Ephemeris and/Phenomena equipment
•Added parallax accuracy data for the celebrities (GH: #87)
•Added new planetary nomenclature
•Added decided on dwarf planets and minot for AstroCalc/Phenomena device
•Added error data for distance (taken from parallax)
•Added heliocentric velocity to Apex markers
•Added fortify of SYNC command for LX200 and NexStar protocols (Telescope Keep an eye on Plugin)
•Added asteroid (162173) Ryugu and moon Puck (Uranus XV)
•Added filters for open/globular superstar clusters within the DSO tab (GH: #841)
•Added classes “open superstar clusters” and “globular superstar clusters” into AstroCalc/WUT device (GH: #841)
•Added new form of form for markers (MarkerMgr/scripting)
•Added new possibility for visualisation of ephemeris markers (AstroCalc/Ephemeris device)
•Added device for sensible dates structure of ephemeris at the sky (AstroCalc/Ephemeris device)
•Added new possibility for CCD (switching scaling FOV) within the Oculars plugin (GH: #834)
•Added technique to permit drawing of the FOV define for ocular (Oculars plugin)
•Added an non-compulsory cardinal issues to the ocular view (GH: #421)
•Added some stars to Chinese language and Chinese language recent skyculture skyculture (GH: #848)
•Mounted coordinates for Taldykorgan (Kazakhstan) (GH: #782)
•Mounted drawing of Off-Axis Guider (GH: #784)
•Mounted incorrect rendering FOV throughout the eyepiece when the telescope is modified (GH: #211)
•Mounted parsing the designation of interstellar gadgets for the MPC on-line seek device
•Mounted compute mins within the low precision case from deciman hours (GH: #792)
•Mounted double (reflected) ephemeris strains in viewpoint projection (GH: #811, #813)
•Mounted exclude moons from the compute of biggest elongations and desk bound issues on non-terrestrial places (AstroCalc/Phenomena device)
•Compute Mounted behaviour for “Solar, planets and moons” possibility on non-terrestrial places (AstroCalc/Phenomena device)
•Mounted cache downside for compute Moon’s age in some instances
•Mounted crash in AstroCalc/Ephemeris device in particular instances (GH: #822)
•Mounted showing obtrusive incorrect distance for stars (GH: #402, #404)
•Mounted incorrect rendering the display in evening mode with fractional scaling (GH: #827)
•Mounted getting revision quantity for non-release builds when git isn’t put in or the use of supply tarball
•Mounted incorrect distances of the clusters within the Massive Magellanic Cloud (GH: #840)
•Mounted crash when superstar catalogs description is up to date
•Mounted abbreviation of asterism Sudor Ophiuchi
•Mounted incorrect zooming in Telrad (GH: #832)
•Mounted about information for Oculars plugin and up to date the model of plugin
•Mounted fortify for ocular cardinals reflected view
•Mounted crash when “gravity labels” is enabled (GH: #847)
•Mounted the distance char downside for gravity labels
•Mounted paintings scripting purposes saveState and restoreState (GH: #849)
•Up to date outlines for DSO (the knowledge taken from OpenNGC catalog)
•Up to date TelescopeControl plugin: Try to repair protocol mismatches for LX200 (GH: #818)
•Up to date some textures DSO (GH: #783, #798, #815, #817, #824)
•Up to date scripting engine documentation
•Up to date Stellarium Person Information
•Up to date choices for Home windows installer (GH: #819)
•Up to date AstroCalc/PC device
•Up to date parallax data string: let’s use milliarcseconds for parallax for complete planetarium
•Up to date default bookmarks for asteroids in Sun Device Editor plugin
•Up to date default bookmarks for comets within the Sun Device Editor plugin
•Up to date the preliminary steps for newly added minor and dwarf planets into AstroCalc/Phenomena device
•Up to date regulations for together with OpenSSL libraries into Home windows package deal (GH: #786)
•Up to date GUI for Sky and viewing choices window
•Up to date attributes for HDPI fortify
•Up to date lunar terminator visibility
•Up to date ephemeris marker taste: it was once switched to make use of new form of form to balancing the visible taste
•Up to date spectral information for HIP stars from SIMBAD/information Gaia
•Up to date variable stars information (HIP subset from GCVS catalog 5.1)
•Up to date behaviour: conceal the zodiacal gentle is when the entire Sun device our bodies are hidden
•Got rid of filter out for superstar clusters from the DSO tab (GH: #841)
•Got rid of “superstar clusters” class from AstroCalc/WUT device (GH: #841)

Multilingual / Russian

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