SwiftKey Update Adds Search Functionality To Keyboard

SwiftKey is a popular third-party keyboard. The company continues to make its keyboard even after it was acquired by Microsoft not too long ago. A new update is out today which adds search functionality to the SwiftKey keyboard. Given that it’s a Microsoft-owned company now, the search functionality isn’t linked to Google, the top internet search engine used by countless people across the globe.

With web search built right inside the keyboard, SwiftKey users will be able to quickly search for things online. They will be able to look up information easily and much faster when they’re in the middle of a conversation through this integrated search functionality.

SwiftKey users can access this feature by opening the keyboard’s toolbar by tapping on the + symbol. They can then punch in the search term after tapping on the Search icon. The web search is powered by Bing, which absolutely makes sense, as that’s Microsoft’s search engine.

It doesn’t seem like SwiftKey is offering users the option to switch between Bing and Google. Those who want to use this functionality on their SwiftKey keyboard have to put up with Bing or not use it at all.

The search results appear in a browser tab overlay and it’s possible to share using screenshots. When that’s shared, it’s sent with a hyperlink to the web page. SwiftKey is currently offering this feature to users in 11 countries which include the UK, U.S., France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Italy, India, Spain, and Brazil.

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