T-Mobile Halts LG V30 Android 8.0 Oreo Update

Last week T-Mobile announced that they would be rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the LG V30 ^(http://www.appmarsh.com/2018/05/t-mobile-lg-v30-oreo-update-now/). However it seems that according to various reports, the update for the handset has been halted. What’s interesting is that this is actually not the first time that the update for the LG V30 has been halted.

The previous time the Oreo update for the LG V30 was halted was back in April, so we’re not sure what’s going on. T-Mobile has since confirmed that the latest release has been put on pause and claimed that this was due to various users having a less than ideal experience of the update rolling out to them.

According to T-Mobile, “Unfortunately, the update didn’t go as smoothly for every customer. Our device team started receiving reports from Care and Tech of customers reaching out experiencing issues, which is why we were checking in here yesterday; to see if there were similar problems happening for our Community members. While it looks like for the most part, our folks are in the clear, the reports were significant enough to inspire the software test team to pause the update temporarily while they investigate more to determine whether the update is truly ready to roll.”

No word on when the update is expected to resume, so for now if you’re an LG V30 owner on T-Mobile, it looks like you guys will have a bit of waiting to do (again).

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