Verizon lowers its fee to $20 for online activations

Verizon charges a fee to consumers when they purchase or upgrade to a new device on an existing line. In order to incentivize customers to not come into the store for upgrades and purchases, Verizon is lowering its activation fee from $30 to $20 if you upgrade or purchase from Verizon’s website or the My Verizon app.

On the flip side, if you’d rather go in the store and speak to a Verizon rep in person, Verizon is actually raising the activation price for that. The carrier refers to this as its “full-service experience” which denotes a higher activation fee of $40.

These new fees go into effect on Thursday so if you’re due for an upgrade or new device for Verizon, make sure you skip the trip to the store and do everything online. Just know that you’ll have to wait longer for the phone to be shipped but it sure beats waiting at a crowded carrier store.

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