Clementine’s voice actress gives some heartfelt words about Telltale’s closure

Clementine's voice actress gives some heartfelt words about Telltale's closure screenshot

With the fresh layoffs ^( that came about at Telltale Games this previous weekend, a host of former workers had been popping out with tales of being overworked, underpaid and critically overlooked. Each little bit that will get printed presentations an unsightly aspect most of the people most definitely did not be expecting from such an acclaimed studio. Still, no longer the entirety being Tweeted this weekend has been so unfavorable.

Melissa Hutchinson, the voice actress in the back of Clementine from The Walking Dead, has introduced words of encouragement to the glorious folks she were given the risk to paintings with. Along with thanking her fanatics for giving her this chance, she is thankful for being given the risk to voice this type of sturdy personality.