Microsoft Launcher for Android now supports Adaptive Icons; restores hidden dock.

Microsoft has updated its Launcher app for Android today and if you’re using it on your device, it’s worth a look. This new version introduces adaptive icons. Adaptive icons, as the name suggests, adapt to any shape or size on your device. Almost all launchers available on Android supports this feature making all app icons on your devices look the same, standardized. It’s great to see Microsoft follow the trend and make its Launcher app much more pleasant and neat.

Additionally, this update restores the hidden dock. I’m not sure why it was removed in the first place, but it’s back and Microsoft lets you hide the dock if you want to and still be able to access your apps and widgets.

Microsoft also made some UX adjustments which the company says will allow users to access “shortcuts when the home screen is locked.”

Now, if you don’t want to set Microsoft Launcher as your default, this update will still let you get notification badges for calling and messaging apps. However, if you want better accuracy, Microsoft recommends setting Launcher as your default assistant.

Microsoft Launcher is a neat launcher or assistant for your Android device. Sure there are other launchers out there, but Microsoft Launcher stands out for its simplicity. Do check it out if you’re not using it yet. It’s available free in Google Play Store.