Phone Raises Alarm When it Gets Moved – Thief Protect App

Everyday different types of application are introduced to the market. Back in the old days, smart phone applications are very limited and we were allowed to do only few things in a smart phone. But now, technology has improved and many amazing applications are introduced to the smart phone.

In this article, I’m going to discuss such an application which can protect your smart phone from theft. Nowadays you can see many ‘phone location tracking’ applications to find the missing phone. Also most of the smartphones comes with in-build location tracing feature. But all of these applications works based on GPS. Most of the time we do not enable location tracking feature since it drains battery life. In such a situation, if the phone goes missing it might be hard to track the location without GPS enabled.

So it’s always a better idea to save your phone before it goes missing. You might ask me is it possible? Yes it is, with anti-thief alarm application. This is a smart application which can save your phone from being stolen in public places or maybe public transports.

For example, if you’re in a metro train and a thief is trying to steal your phone from pocket or hand bag, this application act quickly and alert you with an alarm that your phone is getting moved. So that you will get to know, someone is trying to steal your phone. This security application works based on sensor movement and it can definitely save your smartphone being stolen.

So let’s have a detail look on how to use this application in your smartphone to protect them from thief with necessary screenshots.

How to Get Alarm When Phone Gets Moved?

First of all, you have to get this security application to your smartphone from google playstore.

Once you complete the application installation process, run the app in your phone and make the following settings changes to configure it.

Now you have to setup a password or pattern lock for this application since it’s required to control the alarm sound when someone try to steal your phone.

Next you set an alarm tone and set the time gap to raise the alarm. Also you can control the sensor settings. Once you finish all these settings as per you wish, the app is ready to use.

You can test this application whether its working or not by enabling the app and place your phone into a pocket and take it back. Now soon the alarm will raise and alert you that the phone is getting moved. You can download this anti-thief alarm application to your smartphone directly from google playstore by Clicking here.

You might ask me that will the alarm tone raise even if I take the phone out from my pocket. Answer is No..!

Because you can set minimum time gap as per your wish to raise the alarm tone when phone gets moved. Therefore you can control the alarm sound in public places.