We almost got a Mario Party-style Simpsons game from EA

We almost got a Mario Party-style Simpsons game from EA screenshot

The major press meetings of E3 could also be carried out and dusted, however there is nonetheless all kinds of cool tidbits and stories popping out of ongoing occasions reminiscent of E3 Coliseum and Nintendo Treehouse. Take, for instance, this tale of a Simpsons video game that by no means used to be.

Speaking to host Aaron Bleyaert at the matter of “favorite Simpsons video games”, sequence manufacturers Matt Selman and J. Stewart Burns divulged the life of a Mario Party-style Simpsons identify that used to be in manufacturing, however by no means finished ^(https://youtu.be/r77bb8n0frQ?t=2289). According to the duo, the game would have featured round 20 multiplayer mini-games, however the workload in growing the entire challenge used to be too time-consuming, which result in it is final cancellation.

“It seemed find it irresistible used to be going to be a 20-year challenge or longer (to increase) as a result of I do not suppose we had been going to get one of the birthday party video games carried out in a yr,” recollects Burns. “So, that used to be now not my favourite factor to paintings on. It used to be nice after we heard it used to be now not going ahead. That used to be our fault, now not EA’s.” Burns added that he felt the devs “owed” EA a hit cellular identify The Simpsons: Tapped Out after failing to ship the birthday party challenge.

It’s a fascinating tidbit in what’s, most commonly, a dialog about Tapped Out and that god-awful episode of Simpsons the place Bart turns into an esports megastar. Unfortunately no new or upcoming Simpsons video games had been introduced all over the presentation, nor a Hit and Run remaster. Maybe one day.

E3 Coliseum continues nowadays. You can test it out over on the gameslice YouTube channel.