Shazam Online and The Best Alternatives to the platform

Although more comfortable in our day-to-day is a mobile application that we can carry wherever we want, many people work all day from the computer and they want to identify songs from PC. Or, they simply want access to “My Shazam” with all your songs, playlists, and information from a platform that is not for mobile or tablets.

Well, all you are looking for Shazam ^( without download you are in luck. In today’s post of TuAppPara we explain in detail step by step how to access the web version, online, PC, or as you wish to call.

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How to create an account

From the same mobile app, you can create an account so you never lose your “shazams”, lists, favorites, people you follow and other relevant information. This account will know from now on as “My Shazam”.

como crear tu cuenta

  1. Within the application, go to the top and click on “My Shazam”. There will give you the option to create an account with your user of Facebook or with your e-mail. We have chosen the second option.
  2. Once you have done this, within a few seconds you will get a confirmation email.

And what about the password? Well, to tell you that once you confirm on your phone the veracity of your account, do not need to enter any password. You’re already in sync with Shazam automatically… forever!

The app syncs all your music content so that you can access it from any device.

Shazam Web

If you go to the official website ^(, you will see that it shows you in the same way that in the app, the option to log in with your Facebook or with your e-mail. You can access it from any browser or operating system (both Windows and Mac).

shazam pc sin descargar

  1. When you choose one of the options, you must enter the email address that you want or that you already use in the application.
  2. It will automatically send a confirmation mail to the e-mail. It is very important that you open this mail in the same browser in which you’re going to Shazam Online. That is to say, if you go to the Shazam Website Online in your PC table with Chrome, you have to use the same to open the confirmation e-mail (don’t confirm, for example, from the mobile).
  3. You log in to your mail, you Confirm and ready.

shazam para mac

What can you do with Shazam online?

One of the aspects to take into account Shazam Web is that we do not have the possibility of “shazamear” as such, but only this is a version where you can see all the searches of our account that we have done from the mobile app. Go, make shazam online via their website is not possible at the moment.

For everything else, the web is very complete and intuitive, offering the user the following utilities:

  1. Download mobile apps, Apple Watch and Android Wear.
  2. See the lists of most popular hits of the moment. Updated daily and can be filtered by country and city.
  3. Search songs and videos from your favorite artists.
  4. See TOPS by genres, or even Future Successes – I always stay to the last!
  5. Access to all the information in the “My Shazam”, with your songs shazameadas, your favorites, who you follow or your custom lists, among other things.
  6. Possibility of opening or buying in Apple Music any song recognized.

On the other hand, if you are a Mac user, you should know that you can use Shazam Online by downloading the specific version of Macintosh ^( And is that unlike Shazam Web, the desktop program itself that allows the recognition of songs from the computer without the need to use the Smartphone app.

In terms of the Windows operating system, Shazam has not yet developed a desktop software for the PC that has the function of detecting the musical online.

Websites similar to Shazam

The fact that Shazam Website does not have the function of online recognition of songs does not necessarily mean that we will run out of options to do it from the computer. Luckily, there are some websites type Shazam let you find the music that sounds online without downloading any kind of software. In TuAppPara, after trying some of them, we have selected the following three:


Midomi ^( is a web property of SoundHound that lets you find free songs from any web browser PC or Mac. Its operation is exactly the same as that of Shazam, that is to say, a song is played and the system detects this almost immediately.

Midomi also allows you to search music through the fun function “Click and Sing or Hum“, that is to say, by singing or humming the song. Although its accuracy is not so high as to put the original song, the web is able to recognize a large number of songs with this method.

On the other hand, all the positive results are stored in the system, so that Midomi compares in each song our humming with those of other users, taking even the possibility of listening to them.

To use this tool, surely the web will ask to have the microphone of the computer enabled and have the latest version of Macromedia Flash installed. I love it!

ACR Cloud

Without a doubt, one of the best web portals type Shazam for music id online is ACR Cloud ^(, a site that has a database of 40 million songs , so you can find almost any song that is sounding close to the microphone of your computer. In fact, its developers boast of a recognition rate higher than 90%.

But this is not the only utility that you will find in ACR Cloud, but you can also find themes on your computer humming the song, pasting the URL of an audio or video, uploading the file from your computer or even installing a Chrome extension.

The only drawback-to some – is that the free version only lets recognize 10 songs per day, a feature that is a limitation for those users looking for a service without restrictions.

However, keep in mind that it is a platform designed by and for professionals, so it may be somewhat understandable that we have to apoquinar a subscription to fully enjoy its services.


Another option, especially interesting for the recognition of online music pc is QiiQoo ^(, a free website that offers different methods for finding that song that you can’t get you out of the head. All this without the need of installing any software or having to perform a previous registration.

And how it works QiiQoo? When you access your web from your PC browser you’ll see that the page is divided into 3 sections clearly differentiated. Starting from the left, the first of them consists in a tool of recognition of songs ^( the microphone of the orderedr. To search for the song you only have to press the microphone icon and the system will take care of the rest.

Later, in the central part, there is a utility that finds the music that plays in the background in any YouTube video. It is as simple as pasting the video’s URL in the box and QiiQoo will show you the result within 10-15 seconds.

Finally, if any of the above two methods fails, on the right side of the web you have the possibility to identify the song by uploading the file locally, either in audio format or video.

As you see, is a page very complete that will allow you to find virtually any musical theme. It is not infallible-nor is Shazam – but it is a great alternative if you’re looking for is to use the computer instead of your tablet or SmartPhone.

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