Amanita Design’s Chuchel is finally available on Android

Game artwork from Amanita Design's Chuchel.

If you like your Android games to be funny, unique, and really zany, have we got the game for you. Amanita Design’s Chuchel ^( is a ridiculous puzzler game one reviewer describes as “like playing a Saturday morning cartoon.”

We actually wrote about the launch of Chuchel late last year, expecting it to land on PC and mobile around the same time. However, that was not to be, as Chuchel landed on Steam in early March 2018, but is just now hitting mobile.

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Chuchel’s art and gameplay style is very similar to other Amanita Design games like Machinarium ^(, Botanicula ^(, and Samorost 3 ^( In Chuchel, you control the game’s namesake protagonist as he fends off his rival Kekel in pursuit of a cherry. If that sounds totally ridiculous to you, then Amanita Design achieved its goal, because Chechel is meant to be ridiculous.

If you need a taste of the insanity coming your way, just watch the game’s very confusing and very loud trailer:

Chuchel has terrific ratings on Steam and already has a nearly perfect rating on the Google Play Store. It’s $4.99 to buy, and there are no in-app purchases or advertisements to deal with.

Click the button below to get started with Chuchel!

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