AmazFit Verge – Straps Compatible

Today I bring you, the straps are compatible with the AmazFit Verge, as it is the first model of AmazFit, which does not use straps as standard. And for me, it is a very important aspect to also be a factor of personalisation, in addition to in this case necessary, since the strap original, is rapidly degraded. And when you use straps specific, the task is limited quite a bit.

But luckily, both in AliExpress ^(, as in Amazon ^(, we can already find a number of options available, with silicone, textile, or even metal. Although you have to be very careful when choosing, because that they are compatible, does not mean that they are well, and I’ve been able to observe in most of the cases, both the metal, such as textiles, do not come fit perfectly in the clock, leaving a gap between the strap and the casing of the watch, resulting in very little aesthetic. For this reason, I have opted for the silicone, very similar to the one that brings source, but in different colors, since the silicone, are the only ones that seem to dovetail perfectly with the design of the watch.
Although the process to replace the straps, it is not complicated, here I leave a video of the whole process:

And so easy, we can give it a new look, our AmazFit Verge, and in addition without investing a lot of money.

Get yours at the best price:

Strap Grey ^(
Strap Red ^(
Strap Green ^(
Black Strap ^(