Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Watch: a smart watch that continues to improve

We took a few years something complicated in the world of the smartwatch. Apple is betting on an ecosystem more mature and that like to the users. Several companies on Android have tried, among which is Samsung. This takes a few years throwing wrist devices are very interesting and in 2018 it has become to get. In these moments you are reading the first words of the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Is the latest smart watch launched by the company, without Android Wear is consolidated as a good alternative to the launch of Apple.

In these moments there are very few companies that launch watches smart interesting and this is due to the little reception they have had in the Android ecosystem. Samsung does not use the operating system of Google and bet with one of their own that can be used with Android and IOS devices. If you have a mobile LG, Xiaomi or Sony you’ll be able to use this watch without a problem.

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A smart watch with the design of conventional watch

One of the most important things in this Galaxy Watch is that bet for a design of a conventional watch. Its shape reminds of a clock of all life and the top crown has the functions that we have already seen in other previous models. It is thin and has two versions: 42 and 46 millimeters. You can also choose between different colors, very interesting for various niches of the market.

The strap is made of silicone and the case includes one more short if your wrist is smaller than normal. The body of the clock is constructed of metal and plastic, giving a feeling of premium each time that you play. Different metal finishes and plásctico leave us with a watch quite complete in terms of design.

The screen has a circular design and some bezels are very small that are hardly noticeable in the day-to-day. The size is correct and can be used perfectly with any size of finger. Their tactility is perfect, and the use of the top crown has a feedback very interesting every time you turn. This crown is one of the points that most appealed to us around the clock, as it allows you to use it in any situation, even with gloves or wet fingers.

The Galaxy Watch has two buttons on the right-hand side serve to navigate through the interface. The top is the ‘back’ button and the bottom always return to the sphere of home. Both are metal, though they have a item of plastic to improve its ergonomics.

The design is possibly the most interesting thing about this smartwatch. Bet by the realism and the functionality. You can use it both for running as well as for an elegant dinner. It is discreet and if the person who greets you does not know much the world of technology will not know that you’re wearing on the wrist for a smart watch.

If you’re wondering, yes, their straps are interchangeable and you can buy a metal or with a different design that is included.

A round screen is very responsive and with good brightness

The screen is the nerve centre of this watch. Displays all the information that you need in the day-to-day a very interesting way. It is round, something you cannot see in the product of Apple, for example. Their tactility is perfect and one of the things we have liked is the brightness of the panel.

Its resolution is more than enough and has a maximum brightness and minimum enough. You’ll be able to see the information under direct sunlight and in the dark situations, you can lower the brightness to the minimum so that you do not bother to look at the clock.

The size of the screen is 1.3 inches and features a resolution of 360×360 pixels. It is very a low quality if you compare it with a phone, but more than enough to view content in a size as well. In the day-to-day is not a small screen, and once you get used to his size, hardly you wrong when you press on the panel. Even with a keyboard it is simple to write messages.

Is the screen of a watch, so I will not go on to evaluate the realism of the colors. Those shown on the interface are bright and will look perfectly in almost any situation.

Tizen is in command of this Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung takes a few years, betting on Tizen as the operating system of your watches. This Galaxy Watch will not take another path and arrives with a facelift from the previous generation. In its interface dominates the black as the background color and the green.

From the central sphere, we can slide the two sides to see the applications and notifications. We have a good catalog of applications to exercise, counting steps, sleep, activity of our pulse or point reminders. Even so, with a Samsung account you can install more applications with the assistance of our mobile.

Navigating the interface is made very simple thanks to the crown physical. Each time you activate it you get a small vibration, and its use will be more common than that of the touch screen. In e-mails or WhatsApp messages you can use the crown to scroll and read all of the content.

The interface has an adjustment bar top that appears if you slide your finger from top to bottom. Since she can control the watch modes, the brightness or enter the settings. You can also activate the Wifi or the Bluetooth and set an alarm.

Tizen has many interesting details and in these moments it seems to us an operating system to mature. Since the watch itself you can control all your settings, reset it, install applications, or create a reminder. You can even answer calls and talk thanks to your speaker and microphone. Yes, you will need to have connected your device. It is not necessary to be Samsung, but yes, you are obliged to have a mobile company if you want to set up a Samsung Pay and pay directly to the watch.

One thing that we liked is its follow-up by the health of the individual. Performs various tests every few minutes and summarizes everything in a couple of areas. We can know our heart rate and even our level of stress.

Tizen we liked as operating system and we believe that it is a good alternative to Android Wear or the Apple system. Needless to say, the management of the notifications is very good and allows us to answer from the watch itself without having to take the mobile.

Not what you will have to charge every day, but almost

The autonomy of this timepiece may be very relative, since it depends on the use we make of it can vary quite a lot its useful life. If you do not make sport every day and make a normal use you can stick it between two and three days, without passing through the load center. Yes, the thing changes if you make several calls, you answer many messages and sales running all day. The activity of the sensors will leave us with an autonomy of a day and a half.

In our tests we spent several days with him in the wrist without having to go through the loader, although with an office use and not so sporty. We can not say that you have a poor autonomy, although you’ll not be a week without charging. The best thing is that every time that you take to put it in the charging base, this will make you never run out of battery.

A accessory expensive that not everyone in the world needs

The smartwatch are still paramount in the daily use. If you get used to use it is complicated to put it down, but most likely is not what you need in your day-to-day.

This is the first barrier, then spend about 300 euros on something that does not need daily can be something that you’re not willing to do. Yes, if you are a person that does a lot of sport, you need a notification center beyond the mobile and want to buy a watch, spending a little more, you can take this Galaxy Watch.

You can use it with any mobile on the market and in a few days you will learn how to use it to perfection. It has all the advantages of smart watches, as it can be to change the field, to repay to an establishment, create alarms, you post the steps or receive any kind of notifications. In addition, in these moments is a product with more years of life than a smartphone. It is possible that within two years you want to change phone, but not clock, so that you’ll be able to use it with different devices over the years.

It is a device that we liked, but we know that it is not for all users. Many will not need one in their day-to-day and in these times many of its functions are available in products much more inexpensive.

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